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How to capture a screengrab on the Lenovo K900


Want to capture a screengrab or do a printscreen on your Lenovo K900 phone? Here's how.


Locate the ON/OFF button (on the right side of your K900), and the Volume Down button (on the left side of your phone.) 




Press and hold both buttons simultaneously to capture what is on your phone's screen. A white box will appear as you are 'capturing' the screen. 




After your image has been captured, you will see an icon at the top of your phone's screen which indicates if you have been successful.






There are two ways of seeing/ checking the image captured. 


Method 1:

Tap on the icon in red above, hold and 'drag' the screen down to see Screenshot captured. Tap on the picture to view it.





Method 2:

 Go to SuperGallery, the folder where all your images and videos are stored.



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kchavan56 On 2013-12-24, 9:56 AM


Recently I bought Lenovo K900 

There are 2 problems I am facing

1:- There is no option for hearing FM radio through built in speaker

2:- I could not sync my mobile screen on my samsung UA6600D smart TV screen(it has built in wifi)

if any one could pls help me in solving the above problems





putanginamo On 2014-05-30, 3:55 AM

cool thank for this haha


asratlenovo On 2014-09-07, 21:33 PM
That's nice, thanks for posting
Sitorus On 2014-10-20, 12:09 PM

Finally, My Lenovo K900 must gone to Hospital ( Cervice Center ) :robotmad:Cause Over Heat than can't recharge. 100000000000000% Black out.


what is the solution not happen again??????????????

I just worry, if it fixed but will happen and happen again with my K900.

How pity.......

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