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Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Bugs & Feature Request


System freezes or restarts
Displays a black screen and I have to press the power button to force a restart.. Happens randomly, no particular app could be considered to be causing this issue!


Network loss
Loses network connection on both the sims together for a few seconds and then comes back to normal! This also happens randomly...


Send SMS
Randomly displays a "Send SMS" dialog on the bottom the screen!


USSD codes
Does not work the first time. If I need to check my balance I have to execute the codes twice... Tested with multiple sim cards! Same issue..


Screen brightness
Changes even when auto brightness is turned off. The brightness slightly changes. You will notice this issue on some apps... Like for twitter for example.. Use the night mode on Twitter and when a bright / white image is on the screen, the whole screen brightness changes.. Then goes back to normal... Very weird issue!


Call log:
Displays time even when the call has not been answered... For instance, if I made a call and the other party did not answer, the call log will still display a call duration!


Feature request:

Hide call recorded notification
Displays call recorded notification everytime after a call ends... This gets kind of annoying and it would be great if there was a toggle to turn the notification off..


Double tap to lock
There is a gesture shortcut to turn the screen on by double tap. Why not make one for even locking the device..?


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