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Problem with mod/creating themes for k3

got 3 issues actally: (P. S.  attached screenshot of modded theme with ios icons)


1. does anyone knows how to mod themes for lenovo launcher to include icons for other apps like facebook nd whatsapp…. im trying to mod  theme but  only system apps and evernote icon works… i tried  to repack lenovolauncher but cannot understand where to look for icon settings.

Also how to get changing calendar icon for google calendar app like clock app. 


if someone knows what should be  app_png file name or if what xml file should be edited inside launcher,


 i have k50a40_s121_150813_row android 5.0


2. new Lenovo olauncher has nice app label font, would like to her th font to old launcher, cannot try new launcher as it does not supports app icons and clock animation. 


3. I cant update on android 6.0 as it does not support headphone double click to change music tracks. and market apps are no good as compared to android 5.0. 


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