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Want to delete an app or folder from your Lenovo tablet or phone?


Want to clear up the clutter of your homescreen, or want to just delete an app (not uninstall)? Here's how.


Go to the screen where your app is. In this example, the Zedge app will be deleted. Note that this tutorial is a guide to deleting just the app from the homescreen. You have to uninstall the app in order to expunge it from your tablet or phone.



Tap on the app that you want to delete.




Hold and drag the app to the top of the phone, until the REMOVE icon turns red.




The app will disappear from the screen.


To learn how to uninstall your app, click on this link.

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Kund On 2018-01-27, 6:33 AM
I had a question that I can't post because I cannot see the new message / new topic button anywhere: "I have deleted some previously downloaded files, but their names still appear among other files while attaching them from Whatsapp or Gmail, how to remove those rsults?"

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