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Punch Card
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K8 Note P update

The Google has ready to launch Android P but Lenovo still building Oreo 8.0. I'm using k8 plus they said Lenovo k8 plus will get the Android 8.0 this month June but it's too late instead of 8.0 please give 8.1 Oreo update. 8.0 is already outdated Or else please​ ready for Android P for k8 series


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What's DOS?
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Os update

Will Lenovo K8 NOTE get Android P?

What's DOS?
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Will the Lenovo K8 note get Android P?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Will the Lenovo K8 note get Android P?

I have read a lot of articles and it seems that the k8 note will not be getting android p unfortunately!

Punch Card
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Android P update for Lenovo

Android P update gets.? lenovo k8 series

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Android P Upgrade For Lenovo K8 Note

Haha..lenovo are not ready to give airtel, vodafone and idea volte patch...n you are requesting to give android p update...its not possible bro...dont thibk about it..lenovo makes customer fools..

Token Ring
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Re: Android P Upgrade For Lenovo K8 Note

Ya, you are right.its one year and getting bugy update and get Android P it's not possible.

Blue Screen Again
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Is there update of Android p as??


Fanfold Paper
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Android Software Update for Lenovo K8 Note?

 Hi Lovely LENOVO Team,Good to see you working So Hard👍,I just has simple question for you that if Lenovo K8 Note will be getting Android P Update Or not,And if Not Atleast Android 8.1?As I have Gotten Oreo update and I want to ask that when will be the Lenovo k8 note getting Android 8.1 Update for further improvements. Please Roughly tell by what Time.I lives in India In Uttar pradesh.I also gotten the July 5th Update.

Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo k8 plus Android 9 pie update


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