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Paper Tape
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Re: Android Pie-9.0 update for Lenovo K8 Note

Literally, with all do respect Mr.matt when I see the official video of Lenovo k8 note it keeps says that the Lenovo k8 note can play all the upcoming future games smoothly but it was not true u guy's told us the Lenovo k8 note performance is insane but it was also got wrong and u r the guys who told us that it will receive Android pie 9.0 update it is also wrong without 9.0 update we can't play even fortnite.
Punch Card
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Re: No pie(9) update for Lenovo k8 note

Hi HHS610,


The android roadmap details which you have seen in Lenovo website is just a crap.  If you notice that website is note operating from long timet regarding any of the Lenovo phones section. As there are old phones shown which are not on market.


We have to wait untill if any one is operating and updating about Lenovo related mobile section in website.


Now Motorola is in functional as they consider Motorola is the only market for them and Lenovo is just a crap which has been given to their customers and face the headache without any updates and get outdated.

What's DOS?
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Re: Is lenovo k8 getting p update

@Ips4 wrote:

As lenovo k8 is stock android let me know it is giving android 9.0 update on lenovo k8 or not and if yes tell me when lenovo is rolling out it's p update on lenovo k8



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Re: Android Pie-9.0 update for Lenovo K8 Note

Vacuum Tubes
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Re: Android Pie-9.0 update for Lenovo K8 Note

They have blocked it
Paper Tape
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Re: Android Pie-9.0 update for Lenovo K8 Note

Plz sent me another link on
Blue Screen Again
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Still in 8.0 OS

Serial Port
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Re: Still in 8.0 OS


Lazy Lenovo did trick.....


They updated the intial release notes for Oreo back in April 2018 and change it to 2019.


Basically looks like release notes of 22nd January for k8 note is for Oreo 8.0 update for users who didn't get yet.


If you look in support page many of the release notes has been removed for no reason including maintenance notes upto November 2018.

Punch Card
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Re: Still in 8.0 OS

I'm one of those who didn't get the September and November update last year, if the January 22 maintenance release is for those who didn't receive the update, then why I'm still not receiving any updates yet? Lenovo teams are so ignorant that they don't even reply on any forum. What they're just doing is editing our rude post and deleting forbidden words. Nice one Lenovo! 😏😏Smh.
Serial Port
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Re: Still in 8.0 OS

According to an info from Lenovo, The reason why the update is still not released is that they are still testing the update before Releasing it. 

I hope they will fix bugs in this one unlike previous updates.

I am also pretty much annoyed by it.

but we have no choice except waiting.

Release Update Fast lenovo. Don't test our patience.

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