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Lenovo PhonesK8 [XT1902] Smartphones
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Lenovo K8 Note Not Charging Properly

2018-05-31, 19:35 PM

I have a K8 Note, updated to Oreo a week or two back.

Recently, my phone got completely discharged while connected to the charging port. My phone was originally at some 70-80% charge, I left it to charge and checked on it after an hour or so and found the charging icon, and the battery charge at 0%.


I have been using the charger provided with the box since day 1, the plug is not loose, and the charger is working fine since other phones are getting charged by it. It is not an issue with the wall socket either, I checked that as well and I also did a power cycle on my phone two days back.


Now, my phone isn't charging at all. The notification light glows briefly then shuts off on its own. I don't get the charge percentage screen we normally get while the device is powered off either.


Please find a solution for this ASAP!


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Unable to update software

2018-05-31, 20:36 PM

Why can't I use my mobile data to update the software ?? I am in roaming and I am totally aware about the charges which may occur.

Please support.


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Lenovo k8 Plus Oreo update

2018-05-31, 21:56 PM

plz give a small update ASAP before oreo nd remove this problems.. or atleast give us a date when we r getting next update u dont reply properly to ur customers beacuse of this attitude ur going to lose ur customers , atleast interact with us we ll understand what ever problem ur facing if u talk...

there are lot of bugs like

1.camera shutter lags

2.selfie camera improvements needeed coz it caputers white images with blurred pixels like vga camera phones, please make its clearity soft if possible do something for front cam its too worst..

3.if there is any possibility that we can change notification led colors then also add it but i dnt think it is possible i also doubt that it is notification led..

4.battery drains quickly for 4000 mah we r getting worst backkup so look into it ...

5.reduce capturing image size if possible..

6.give simple gallery and music player in update if possible..

7.audio output in.headsets are very low not happy with its output..and in mobile speaker the output is very high that speaker little starts breaking glitching..

8.mobile brightness issue everything looks  bright nd in high contrast videos look black like blurred pixels... fix mobile colours density its density is too bright that our captured pics looks so bright like caputred in hdr mode nd some problems may solve automatically like blurred photos nd all

there are so many problems u people are manufacturers take a look use this model and find out other problems nd fix all problems or atleast those problems which u can fix...

and for front camera please do something its quality is very worst 



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K8 note problem solved

2018-06-01, 3:41 AM

Thank you to entire team lenovo . Yesterday I have downloaded another update after 8.0 Now my phone is perfectelly fine. Thanks again


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Will lenovo k8 note get android 8.1 update after getting android 8.0 update?

2018-06-01, 3:41 AM

lenovo just launched android 8.0 update for k8 note.So,will it also get android 8.1 update?

Android 8.1 also has many new features and many of the k8 note customers want  it. We will be much thankful to lenovo if they provide this update.


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Re: Will lenovo k8 note get android 8.1 update after getting android 8.0 update?

2018-06-01, 4:20 AM

Moto is giving their customer direct 8.1 Oreo update Lenovo far behind moto.


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Re: Will lenovo k8 note get android 8.1 update after getting android 8.0 update?

2018-06-01, 4:21 AM
Moto users are struggling for oreo and we got Oreo in april

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K8 note charge time

2018-06-01, 5:11 AM

It takes 7 to 9 hrs to fully charge with original charger. Turbo power doesn't show. Have calibrated but no difference. Other charger doesn't make much difference. It's just 3months use. I'm disappointed. Help plz. Running On latest update but this issue was there before Oreo update too.....


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Re: K8 note problem solved

2018-06-01, 5:18 AM

Hiii Lenovo care

Y.day new update Lenovo k8 note may5 update...

But my mobile not any changes. charge very fast low 30mis 28% charge is low

Then heating pblm continue in my mobile pblm

Plz improvement new update my mobile plzz 



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Re: Will lenovo k8 note get android 8.1 update after getting android 8.0 update?

2018-06-01, 5:29 AM

We can enjoy features of 8.0 and 8.1 if they give


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