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Punch Card
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Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

🤙K8 plus ANDROID Oreo review.🤙
👉Cast screen working
👉Audio quality is more crisp
👉Camera is better (takes quick pictures in normal mode)
👉Internal storage space is consumed less
👉Call clarity is bit more better
👉Idk but surprisingly net speed has gotten better
👉PIP Mode ♥️ new feature
👉Audio volume feels like it's a little low than before
👉Haptic feedback has too much vibration than before
👉Depth mode is still taking time to click picture
👉Fingerprint sensor is taking bit more time than nougat
👉Very minor lags
👉Battery has been the same. Charging and discharge rate is very similar like nougat
You can easily update to Oreo without any hesitation.
However I just updated like 1 hr ago. A phone needs 12 hrs to be stabilized after new update.
So it should be better.
Further updates will even better it.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

This is the worst update ever. Phone is getting power off automatically every 1 hour. Same is happening in safe mode too. Now I have to remember switching on my mobile every hour otherwise I will be missing my calls. It is really irritating and disappointing that Lenovo has released this update without even proper basic testing. Now my phone has become totally unusable. Apart from this there is one more adaptive brightness issue where screen goes black at low brightness levels.


Pros - Nothing. Nougat was far better


Cons - My phone has become totally unusable


My advice is please dont update until Lenovo fixes these basic things

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

Lenovo k8 plus updated to oreo from customer care but here is wht i found.
1.body sensor not do well nd freeze many times after calling.
2.In adaptive brightness mode if screen light goes off it goes to zero brightness nd black display occurs.for this i hv to turn mobile off then on all time..
Didn't u noticed??
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

My Request that always update your phone on WiFi Rather than Mobile Data , as WiFi connection is continuously working whereas in Mobile data there is chances of missing some file as it's connection breaks.


I am having no such problem in my mobile , but Screen Cast is also not working with my Samsung Smart TV 6300 Series. lenovo please work over it.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

I am facing the same problem, I'll never buy any Lenovo products ever!!!. I'll suggest the same to thousands of people through my blogs too. Lenovo's Oreo update turned out to be the worst update ever that made the cellphone useless.
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

Android Oreo update is worst update I ever seen .. phone hanging  problem keep on coming with power button of Lenovo k8 plus handset. I am not able to use Lenovo k8 plus handset.. please solve this issue with updated Android orea OS. 


 Keep it simple.. don't use power button as a camera .. please disable that option in oreo update.


Thank you

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

Yes it's true
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

Yes, it's true.. I hate lenevo k8 plus Oreo update..

Please don't update Oreo OS guys.. nougat is better..
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

We get Oreo update  8.0.0 but it is not 8.1.0 or 8.1.1

And the major issue is lagging, performance and camera.



Phone become laggy 


No major improvement in camera.It's interference is same as previous andoid



As last year Lenovo launched only 3 smartphones but still they're very slow in giving updates


This year is going to be same.


What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

i want to add  in after the oreo update:



> finally they have added hotspot connected users monitoring.

> boot animation sound added, should improve or add the new oreo boot animation.

> dual camera depth mode not working properly.

> front camera beautification has no change, horrible


cons after updating to oreo and resseting the device:

> notification led stopped working after oreo update , which is very annoying, i missed many messages and called due to that.

> on desktop slide down menu they have replaced the battery with ultra saver, if i want to see the battery remaining hours, i have to go in the settings and need to check evry time. missing old battery function in the slide down option.

> slide down menu changed to white from black, which is annoying, missed dark background.

> battery is draining very fast not lasting more than 10 hours after full charge even after no use of phone.

> call volume received is very low as compared to earlier (no network problem)

> shortcut to put in vibrate mode not working properly while holding down volume button, gets confuse to put in silent or media volume.

> didn't liked the circular around the desktop icons, previous was good in nougat.

> fingerprint is not working properly, just vibrates but screen doesn't unlock stays dark, sometimes always dark even after pressing power button, need to restart phone.

> looks like location service is not working properly. not syncing properly




overall happy 20 %.... uphappy 80 % with the oreo updtae

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