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What's DOS?
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Charging Issue

Earlier my battery used to increase by 1% in 1 or 2 minutes but now it is not charging properly.Now it takes 5 minutes to charge by 1%.My phone is under warranty.I dont know what to do now

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Lenevo K8 plus battery charging speed

Hello guys,


If you have tried the suggested troubleshooting steps above and still having the same issue then please update your profile with current phone, carrier and IMEI-- this will help me investigate. Please make sure that the options under Settings > Lenovo Privacy are on as well, and let me know (just reply here) if it's okay for me to look at your apps to see if they are a source of problems.
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Moto-Lenovo Support

**Please don't ask me questions by Personal Message; questions belong in the forums

Serial Port
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Re: Charging Issue

Let me truly help you buddy,

This has happened to me as well. I know you would be getting "Charging on USB" tag even when Charging on AC charger that shipped with box. I have been facing this problem since 18/10/2018 but no one from forum nor any lenovo Moto agent has helped me till date. At that time it was in warranty. They have been just wasting my time by their routine replies and distracting from the point by asking different useless questions and not replying in reference to your problem. Now it is out of warranty period and they will be charging me to change so called "damaged charge port". 

I mean who the hell brand has such defected handsets that get parts damaged in 1year.

So my advice to you would be to run service center ASAP instead of waiting for OTA update to fix this.


Pissed off from Lenovo.

I am never going to buy Lenovo ever

What's DOS?
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Charging too slowly

Token Ring
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Re: Charging too slowly

All Lenovo k8 plus / note user I request you comment for camera 2 API or moto camera 2. So we can use better camera and shutter lag bug remove in k8 plus.

This is humble request to all user. They already give update of Moto camera 2 to their g5s plus all Moto device and our device outdated Lenovo camera app without any featur.

It's not only for me but it's for all.if we commmet more than they have to provide us. 

Serial Port
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Re: Lenevo K8 plus battery charging speed

@Agant daisy If there no way to revert back previous software then give us latest Oreo 8.1 update please
And please test update properly before release
What's DOS?
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Re: k8 plus orignal chrger taking 10hrs to chrge


I am also facing same problem , I visited lenovo service center but not got a satisfactory solution.

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