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Punch Card
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Re: Motherboard problem

Whem every one is facing these problems why are you suggesting to format this. This is purely software problem. Fed up from lenovo

Paper Tape
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Re: Motherboard problem

its been 11 months i bought the mobile  and its mother board is gone

it suddenly stopped and gone switchoff and not restarting again

its the worst phone ever i have used and im not gonna invest in any lenovo product in future

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Motherboard problem

Hey guys,don't trust Lenovo product as well as their service is the worst phone company ever I have seen.i have also same problem with my k8 note _motherboard issue."PLEASE SEE THE REVIEW ON K8NOTE IN AMAZON OR FLIPKART_u will have clear idea about their strategy.i personally asked there technical team..1.why they don't stop selling K8NOTE , although they have seen that motherboard issue is really in very large number(ans-i think to fool people).2.i already research on lenovo K8NOTE and it's issue_i am shocked to see their issue.i have gone my local area servicing shop as well as main city servicing shop;all the engineer told me that why u buy such a type disgusting phone,all the phone have same motherboard issue_which is not repairable.3.when Ihad gone company service centre they firstly took 250 for software update(waste of money),they all know this problem,they are very good at acting.later they say that why u play home theatre by this phone;I just laughed ,I bought phone for 13000 ,am I wrong to play home theatre?it's only 14 month_i just passed my warranty period.4.if u see closely maximum of the issue coming when warranty period is over;pls see the review in any selling site except Lenovo.

Punch Card
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Re: Motherboard problem

To all of my fellow Lenovo K8 note users if you are facing with the problem of boot loop, freezing and constant restarting of your phone then its the problem with the motherboard and not the Oreo update. Yesterday i was able to used the phone temporarily by cooling it in the refrigerator that gave me the hint that there is some loose connection or dry solder due to which the phone was not working. Mainly this loose connection must have happened due to over heating of Media Tek X23 CPU. 
So i decided to do the re-balding soldering of the motherboard. Now the right way to do it is using the Hot Air Station, but if you don't have it then you can even bake the motherboard in oven. Follow the steps below
1) Carefully open the back and disconnect the flex cables for Battery, volume button, LCD and Daughter USB charge boards (Watch some YouTube Videos Online)
2) Unscrew the Motherboard and take it out from the casing. 
3) Remove the metal shields covering the CPU, there will be 4 shields but only 2 of them are removable, the other 2 are soldered to the motherboard so don't try to remove it if you don't have Hot Air Station.
4) Heat the IC underneath the shields with Hot Air Station, If you don't have Hot Air station then put the mother board on a ceramic or non conductive plate and then place it inside the Oven for Baking. !!!! WARNING DO NOT MICROWAVE IT !!!! You need to use the setting of your Oven similar to what you would use for Baking breads.
5) The Oven should be Pre-heated to 230 Celsius before you put the motherboard.
6) Set the timer to 10 to 15 minutes and let it bake 
7) Once the baking time is over, then let the Motherboard cool inside the oven until is cool to touch.
8) Put Heat sink compound on top of the IC/CPU and Metal Shield plates
9) Reassemble everything and test if it works.
10) Don't forget to give my reply a like if it works for you, All the Best!!!
I have attached some photos of the motherboard with some instructions on Lenovo Forum, Go to page 45 on the below link

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