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Lenovo PhonesK8 [XT1902] Smartphones
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Re: Bug fixing update

2018-07-14, 8:13 AM
Very soon

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Re: OMC27.70-35 bugs!

2018-07-14, 9:52 AM

I am also facing this ghost touch issue with my Lenovo K8 Plus. Specially while using Facebook & Chrome. It automatically touches random points on screen. I was facing the same issue in Nougat ROM also.


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Lenovo K8 NOTE requires bug fixes ASAP

2018-07-14, 11:55 AM

Using my Lenovo K8 note is becoming increasingly frustrating because of the issues which still haven't been resolved by Lenovo. First , data won't turn off on switching it off through icon I rather have to put my phone to airplane mode first and then only it switches off and it happens all the time , 2nd , phantom touch issue is really bad , 3rd battery charging still takes longer but drains abnormally! I hope lenoLe developers will come up with an update to fix these issues at the earliest .


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Re: OMC27.70-35 bugs!

2018-07-14, 12:31 PM
Guys just need to conferm,are u guys having the same issue or not,i am using lenevo k8 plus,recently i got oreo update in it,after that update i see, 'enhance 4g lte' option under mobile network setting,which is enabled,for 'idea' , earlier when my device was running on nogat,there was no enhance 4g lte option was there under mobile network setting for idea,but after i got oreo,i see that option is there and it is enabled, but there is no 4g calling symbol at top of the screen,like it shows when i insert jio sim,also when i send the sms CHECK to 12345, i got reply from idea,your handset does not support idea volte, so now i am confused, even though i see enhance 4g lte option enabled in the setting,why do i get this msg that my device does not support idea volte? Did u guys provide idea volte support in the oreo update or not? Same thing happning voda volte, and in airtel,there is still no advace 4g lte option coming under network setting, pls let me know guys.

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Re: OMC27.70-35 bugs!

2018-07-14, 13:12 PM

Yes I am also see 4g enhanced mode for Vodafone , Airtel and idea but our device does not support volte of these carrier. 

I am also send SMS to 12345 but I am also got same message.

Don't expect anything from this worst company.


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K8 plus Oreo Problem

2018-07-14, 13:25 PM

Phone becomes laggy while playing PUBG., It ran well in noughat but after update it is not running well..

Please fix the issues ASAP

Also there are many bugs in this update


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Re: OMC27.70-35 bugs!

2018-07-14, 13:52 PM
Lol hahaha use jio jio jio ?

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Re: OMC27.70-35 bugs!

2018-07-14, 13:53 PM

K8 problem before/after oreo

1. Led notification not working.

2. Sim tool kit unsupported so i can't save my contact to Sim.

3. Battery drain very fast.


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Re: OMC27.70-35 bugs!

2018-07-14, 14:19 PM

The oreo update has bug. After switching on the adaptive brightness, you won't be able to unlock the device by any method( power button, fingerprint, double tap). And after powering off the device also you won't be able to switch it on through power button if adaptive brightness is on. You need plug in and off the charging cable so that device shows the charging screen and then only you can use power button. In short, having adaptive brightness on, I need to trigger the screen to get on by using any other method except main switching methods to use it. And one more thing, after oreo update the minimum brightness of screen has also increased which consumes power and drain battery more.


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display light stuck most of the time

2018-07-15, 0:27 AM

The display lights do not lightning up most. Since when oreo updated. Developer please solve that problem quickly. Face so many problems

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