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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Why Can't I Create A New Topic?

Lenevo k8 note Video call's video quality is very poor after oreo-8-0 update.. Please improve quality of video call.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Why Can't I Create A New Topic?

Sir I have K8 note and  I had updated my smartphone to the latest software version oreo OMB27.43-20, and after updated having some problem in battery , it's draining very fast like every minute 1%draining even in  Idol mode..

please resolve this issue 


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Paper Tape
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Re: Microphone not working in Whatsapp and other apps after Oreo update



I installed the latest android Oreo update in Lenovo K8 note few days back. But after this I literally have to scream for other people to hear my voice in WhatsApp and other application while calling them.

Is there a solution to it. I already tried un-installing the app and installing it again.




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Why Can't I Create A New Topic?

So almost a month since the oreo update and the performance of this phone is still bad. can't prove the specs of being a decacor and that 4gb ram. Even 2d games are lagging. is there somebody here also encounter this poor performance thing?


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Punch Card
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Re: Why Can't I Create A New Topic?

Volume of k8 note decreased after Oreo update music sound is very low


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Punch Card
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Issues with K8 Note after oreo update

Lenovo this really shamefull that they are not able to provide a stable update even after 1 year delay.

1. Battery charging time is now 5-6 hrs with ur so called TURBO CHARGER.

2. Battery drainage with in 3-4 hrs battery completely drains.

3. Continuously lagging.


4. LENOVO GIVING SILLY REASONS OR ASKING TO WAIT INSTEAD of providing a stable update from their stupid idiot illiterate programmers...who don't know single thing about programming.

What lenovo did to resolve the issue so far is that "NOW U CAN'T CREATE A TOPIC SO SIMPLY IT MEANS U CAN'T REPORT A PROBLEM" GR8 JOB LENOVO!!!! Well done!!!! U Rascals... cheaters!!!

I also make a promise that its my last lenovo fon..MI is thats why bttr coz they timly provide stable update.


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