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Important guidance from the Community Team

2018-11-14, 13:37 PM

Hello and welcome to the community,


As you noted in the community guidelines , these communities were created as peer to peer communities and the following advice is offered to best enable the community to provide assistance.


Smiley Happy Let search be your friend  - Please search the board relevant to your product before creating a new thread; there may already be a discussion or solution for the issue you are experiencing. If there is already a discussion thread please join in that discussion rather than starting a new one. Creating a new discussion thread on the same subject splits the discussion making it difficult to follow and risks being overlooked.  


Smiley Happy  Choose a great title - Please use descriptive titles when starting a new discussion - at the minimum, these should include the model of phone and the symptom or issue.  If possible, also include your ROM build or Android version number followed by keywords describing your situation e.g. "A6000 056_150924 - Trouble moving apps to SD card"


Smiley Happy  Document clearly - Whether joining an existing discussion or starting a new one, please clearly describe your phone model, ROM version, and the symptoms you are experiencing.   Please also note the things that you have already tried - this will help others suggest new solutions and reduce/avoid duplicate suggestions for things already known not to work.  The more accurately you explain things, the better the search results will be for other customers seeking help.


Where to find your phone information can vary slightly from model to model but usually be found in;  Settings -> About Phone -> Device Information


Smiley Mad  Stay on topic - Please keep the discussion focused on a single product and set of symptoms. Discussing multiple issues  & models in the same thread will make it impossible to identify a single solution.   If you are experiencing more than one issue, please look for existing threads for each symptom and start new ones as needed.  


Smiley Mad  Avoid Vague posts - If you are posting to confirm that you have experienced the same symptoms, please confirm the model, ROM version, and that you have and the exact symptoms.  Please avoid just posting "me too", or "same here".    Think about what information you can contribute to (a) confirm common symptoms reported by others, (b) introduce new information including steps you have already tried.


Hidden Menus


We do not permit the posting of, nor recommend the use of, codes to access hidden menus and commands not generally accessible through a phone's main menus.


Android Upgrades


Please refer to the Android Upgrade Roadmap for information concerning the approximate release dates of upcoming Android operating system upgrades; this is also referred to by moderators and staff and is updated on a regular basis.


Rooting & 3rd Party ROMs


If you wish to discuss Rooting and Third Party non-Lenovo ROMs please visit the Android Ecosystem Developers board;




Smiley Very Happy  Help create the kind of forum experience that you want to have.   If you found this forum through Google or another search engine, it was because someone else posted the symptoms and model information that you have searched on.  If you found a discussion with a marked solution that solved your problem, it is because others posted to clearly define the problem, offered suggestions, and finally confirmed what had fixed the problem.   Your positive contributions will help others!


Thank you in advance.

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