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Lenovo K6 Note Touch screen problem

My phone has a problem with its touch screen. When i turn the screen on... ghost touches would show up and they move so freaking fast that i can't count how many touches are there. Then after that happened, my menu buttons stopped working. This 2 events happened last month and i've been using Assistive Touch since the menu buttons weren't woking. But these mfs came back this week and it got worse. Ghost touches are occuring more often than last time and the menu buttons are now working but they're also getting ghost fckin touches (recent apps, home, and back button).I know that i didn't damage my screen because the first time this happened was when i'm scrolling through my facebook news feed and it all happened at the same time. The ghost touches can be fixed by just turning the screen on/off and on again but the menu buttons are irritating. Is there a way to fix this? If not thrn i'll just buy a new phone.

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