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Blue Screen Again
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Location: Poland

ThinkPad L512 Start Up - big problem



I have a L512 company laptop which isn't starting up....

No battery inside, only on AC power - just saw green ring when pushed power button.

It actually starts up sometimes but it's not repeatedly action, so You don't know when he'll boot up.

Won't start without dvd-rom and hdd. All I can see afterpower button is pushed is cpu fan spin for about 2 secs. and nothing else.

Laptop was checked by authorized service (warranty checkup) and they said OK, but it's still same problem with it.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: ThinkPad L512 Start Up - big problem

Hello s3b0, welcome to Lenovo forum!

I would suggest to call service. This behaviour isn´t normal.


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Paper Tape
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Location: Belgium

Re: ThinkPad L512 Start Up - big problem

I have the same problem. When i push the power button it seems like powering up but after a second or 2 it shuts down again. After pressing the button a few times(10 to 20 times) it finally starts up. 

I already updated to the last bios, but still no luck.


is their already an answer(fix) to this problem?



Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-10-2010
Location: Belgium

Re: ThinkPad L512 Start Up - big problem

is it possible it has something to do with the cold weather? Because i go to school with my bike, and it's been pretty cold here. But the laptop is covered with a laptopsleeve and my backpack. Could it be that the L512 can't handle the cold very well?