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AwakeForever Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

2020-09-02, 3:56 AM

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
A Review by AwakeForever


Hello to my first, but very late, review of the products Lenovo sent my way for being part of the Affiliate Product Review Program. I was luckily able to become an affiliate which presented me with this opportunity. More info at the end on how you can apply to do the same!

All items were used for about 3 weeks with my Legion Y540 laptop with the following specs:


CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H


GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660ti

Display: 15" 1920x1080 60hz 300nits


Contents of Loaner Kit: M500 Mouse, H300 Headset, K200 Keyboard, XL Mousepad, Y24 Gaming Monitor




Let’s start off with the H300 Headset as sound and communication is vital for any competitive gameplay.


The Good: Absolutely the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn – not sure if I somehow only ever used heavy and poorly designed ones, but these can easily sit on your head for hours without fail. This being both the weight you feel at the very top of your head as well as your head being squeezed from either side.

The cord was a decent length, not too long where its all over the place and needs to be tied up, but not too short where your movement is restricted. 

Retractable mic was very handy for when you want to binge watch your favourite shows/movies and snack. Some other headsets have a hard-protruding mic that offers little to no flexibility which can be cumbersome for someone who likes to pig out as much as I do. Then there’s also those headsets that have a flexible mic, but I’d often feel bad about twisting them at odd angles to I can continue to shovel food down my throat.


The Bad: There wasn’t anything I found bad for this product as it was mainly something I considered Ugly.


The Ugly: What I really would like to see changed in these headphones is the microphone. It took quite some time to sound good (not sure if the h500 has the same issue as Community Manager Ben makes those sound amazing). I had difficulty being heard due to the retractable mic not being able to come out far enough to sit beside/beyond my mouth rather than behind it. This ended up with me trying to talk out of the side my mouth for my voice to be picked up a little more. Also, it would be nice if there was a foam cover included in the box that you could slip on the mic if you choose to. This very small detail would help with any small noises you wouldn’t want picked up for a smoother time communicating.


All in all – I wouldn’t recommend these for the competitive gamer, but more so for the casual gaming/video streaming user. I’d like to try the H500 sometime soon to see how those match up to my H300 experience.




Next up is something I find vital for most games, the M500 Mouse.


The Good: The shape and size of this mouse fit perfectly in my hand. This means for medium/larger hands, it’ll be a nice and comfortable mouse. I didn’t feel any straining or adjusting to make it a more comfortable ride on the mousepad. It also had a thumb rest! This is definitely a must have feature for me as it makes it a much more comfortable experience for long-term usage. Not a fan of the one-size-fits-all ambidextrous mice that some companies are coming out with. It is cheaper to produce than a left and right mouse, but it just doesn’t hit that sweet comfort spot for me.


The Bad: This mouse also had some RGB to it, because gaming, although I would prefer a stronger under glow as that was where the largest portion of lighting was. I wanted this thing to be a beacon of light shining under my hand so I can get all the skill I required to not die endless times in battle royale games. I do have to admit the software that controls the lighting was easy to use and setup.


The Ugly: Lack of buttons. I came from using a Logitech G700s gaming mouse and I’m sad to see it being discontinued (the closest counterpart would be the mighty G502 everyone seems to recommend). Through *some* gaming and working, I use the programmable buttons found along the side of the mouse for macros, tiny repetitive phrases, shortcuts, etc. depending on the environment I’m in. It has saved me loads of time in tedious work projects and spamming trading centers in games for items I’m selling. Another thing I miss is the hyperscroll ability the Logitech mice line tend to offer. It’s a godsend when you’re browsing the web or trying to scroll through a group chat etc. Not sure if this is something other mouse brands can do due to patents etc, but it is a huge nice-to-have for me.


In my opinion, it’s a fair gaming mouse for the average or basic user, but just not for me or for my kind of usage. I’ll be looking forward to what Lenovo puts out next for their Legion line to compare my favourite peripheral to.




What better to compliment the M500 Mouse than a nice XL Mousepad.


The Good: I loved this thing, it felt very nice and well built. It was stitched on the ends, so you know it won’t start peeling and come apart after a few stressful nights of playing shooters. It was more than enough mousepad to give you room for crazy mouse movements and to fit a full sized keyboard with room to spare. Honestly, one of my favourite parts of the kit as I was not using a mousepad prior to this kit being sent my way.


The Bad: Definitely need to measure your desk space as this boi is loooooong. I was pretty surprised to see it sprawled out once I had unrolled it from the packaging. Not so much a bad thing, just something you need to be wary about as it won’t look as nice hanging off the side of your table.


The Ugly: Ain’t nothing ugly here folks.


In the end, I’d totally get one for myself. Funny story – I did win one through the weekly giveaways, but it was instantly stolen by my s/o once it arrived. RIP




Time to use the extra space on the mousepad by having the K200 Keyboard sitting on it!


The Good: Budget friendly keyboard with good feedback. Definitely had some weight to it and didn’t feel cheap/floppy. The weightiness and it sitting on the mousepad ensured it didn’t move much in the games I played. So you folks who go crazy with movements etc, there’s no worries of the keyboard trying to escape your grasp. 

The keys felt good to type on and I was instantly able to type normally on it without having to adjust. Another thing I liked about the keys is that it had alternate uses for the F# keys up top, perfect for me as I’ve been using laptop keyboards for the longest time and got used to having more controls up top. I also really appreciated having a full number pad on the side without a weird setup. I say this as I used the setup for work, and as an Accountant, the quicker I can type in numbers for data entry/spreadsheets, the happier I am.


The Bad: Something I personally absolutely hate – the enter key being a wonky shape rather than just a plain and simple rectangle. Why couldn’t it fit? Not a clue, maybe the odd shape of the tab button or someone poorly measured things and just stuck to how it came out. Or it could just be the poor placement of the [    |   ] key that’s usually found ABOVE the enter button. As you can see, not a fan of this choice.


The Ugly: RGB. Any ‘gaming’ peripheral you see out there better have some type of backlighting, which this keyboard had, in either plain ol’ white or endless rainbow-like capabilities. Sadly, the K200 did not have the wow factor I expected for a gaming keyboard. In this regard, it was heavily sided with the budget side and not so much putting in a tiny bit more effort to make it a fully fledged RGB. They had a choice of three colours (red, blue, purple) without any type of dimming. This meant you got blasted in the face with lights at night or in darker settings. I strongly believe that it would not have been much harder to incorporate full RGB control without adding much to the cost of this keyboard. LED lights are disgustingly cheap anyways, it would’ve just been a little chip or whatever that helps regulate things. Only up-side to the 3 colour options was the simplicity of being able to cycle through them on the keyboard itself.


Looking back at this, probably not the best budget keyboard to get, but a solid keyboard if you want something that’ll last without all the fancy lighting stuff and mechanical keys.




Now my most favourite part of this bundle I was sent; the almighty Y24 Monitor!


The Good: I gotta say, I’m pretty much head over heels for this thing. Going from boring ol’ monitors mainly meant for surfing the web and office work, this thing was a straight up beast. From the amazing refresh rate, to the vivid colours, and the quirks of having a headphone holder for the off-time, this thing packed a punch. It even had USB ports to connect any extra peripherals that your laptop/desktop may be lacking. The stand was nice and sturdy and allowed the monitor to rise up and down with little effort and the tilt was more than enough for my needs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hit peak frames as I usually stream (gotta plug myself here: www.twitch.tv/awakeforever) while playing games, but I was still hitting 100+ frames in warzone/apex and it was bloody amazing.


The Bad: I don’t actually have enough experience with various gaming monitors to say anything bad here.


The Ugly: Only thing I could maybe think of is having the ability to pull out the monitor without having to move the base. Either that, or having a less obtrusive base as it will take some table space. 


Final verdict, unless you have little table top space (avoidable by wall mounting if applicable to your setup), I’d love to get my hands on a gaming monitor. Definitely above and beyond what I was expecting. I missed this thing so badly when it was gone and I intend to grab it or a successor later on when I have a more permanent setup.




For some parting words, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to try out all the above products. Some may have left a mark on me and others not so much, but It was a fun experience. Never would I have been able to try out all these products if Lenovo didn’t offer this program, and for that, I am thankful.

If you enjoyed this review and would like to hear more about my experiences with the Lenovo and Legion line of products, please give me a thumbs up and let me know in a reply below! This can include certain requests or just general products not yet tested, the more eyes I get here, the more products I get to try out and tell you folks about!




If you'd like to apply to become an affiliate and in return apply for the Loaner Kit Review program, check out this link!

Community Moderator and Lenovo Legion Affiliate! For $10 in free Lenovo Rewards, use 'AwakeForever' as an exlusive code! For any inquiries for product purchasing, feel free to pm me here or on discord to get some sweet deals!

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Re:AwakeForever Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

2020-09-02, 13:07 PM

Awesome review Awake! Thanks for going into so much detail! :)

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