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Memory slots on Lenovo G560


How many RAM memory slots has G560? I have 3GB of ram, 2 modules,first of 2GB and second 1GB. But when I run CPU-Z program it shows me 2 more free slots for ram.


CPUz memory slots.jpg


 I could'nt find in user manual any information about memory slots and my laptop is under warranty yet so I dont want to open it to check,but I  want to know how many slots are really there.



The Lenovo G560 laptop contains two physical memory sockets, which can be populated with 1GB, 2G, or 4GB modules for combinations of 1GB to 8GB of memory.  Standard config is 2GB.

Maximum memory accesible: 4 gb using a 32-bit operating system / 8 gb using a 64-bit operating system 
CPU-Z and other 3rd party software may either have a user interface designed to show what is populated in up to 4 sockets on the system board to handle systems like certain ThinkPad W510 models that have 4 sockets, or may simply be displaying this capability based on the core chipset used on the board, which is not reflected in the overall implemented design of the board itself, which only has 2 physical sockets.


G560 memory.png

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zoltanthegypsy On 2012-04-16, 6:01 AM
flexible2 On 2016-09-03, 15:52 PM

I have 4G RAM in my Lenovo G560 and want to get some more speed. Will any 4G RAM ddr3 work. I'm sure i have two slots.



arvinder06 On 2017-03-27, 11:38 AM



OS: Window 10 (64 Bit)

Laptop : Lenovo G560


I have recently bought 4GBx2 DDR3 1600 MHz Kingston RAMs - Model KVR16LS11/4


After fitting them in and stating the laptop, my laptop is going in restart loop and sometimes showing Kernel Fail error. Puttin the old 2GBx2 original RAMs, it is working fine.

I have already tried all the combinations of RAMs and the slots but nothing seems to be working. 


Please advise.




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