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Num Lock - How do I turn it off


Someone must of done something to my Lenovo 3000 C200. All of a sudden the Num Lock key is turned on at the Windows log on screen.  Yes I know I can hit Fn + Numlock, but how do i turn this feature off permanently?


Things I have already tried:


I didnt see anything in the BIOS.

I tried to turn it off then ALT-CTRL-DELETE and Log Off but it goes back.

I tried the registry, it is set at 0 and I also tried setting it at 1.  Still nothing.......


Based on your description, you just log off your account instead of total system restart.


I would suggest this:

  1. Power on your laptop.
  2. At the logon windows, press fn+num lock
  3. Press the power button to shut it down / restart.


The num lock function will be off the next time you power it up.

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Pdoliver On 2014-05-24, 5:22 AM

I was trying to turn the num lock indicator off and I turned off my computer, the indicator is still in and the notebook says I am writing the wrong password. I am not. I guess it's because the num lock is on. So do I do now??? I really need this computer and have no idea how to fix this. 


Thanks for the help.

newby2 On 2014-09-17, 18:28 PM

Sorry to not address your specific problem but I cannot disable my NumLock key on my Ideapad N586, even after trying the Fn + Numlock.

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