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C205 Internet/WIFI is on but won't connect to web.

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So, my C205 was working fine yesterday. The computer is mainly used for playing video games and in the recent months had a RAM upgrade. Anyway, I was playing a game on it yesterday and after I stopped playing it, it usually causes my PC to slow down afterwards. So the typical solution for me is to reboot it and it'll be fine. Well. I rebooted it last night and it said the wifi wasn't connected to the internet but it was on.

Okay, that's weird.

I turn it off and go to bed. I wake up about 9 hours later and try it again. Wifi is on but the internet isn't connected. I tried it with local and local doesn't work either.

Tried resetting and disconnecting my router/modem, disabling and reinstall drivers, running a full virus scan (and discovering nothing) and even system restoring but it won't fix the problem.

The Lenovo PC is the only one in my household that has this problem. Every other device with internet and wifi seems to be working but the Lenovo. Is there anything I could do to fix it? The PC will be a year old two days from now. Also, this is the first time it's ever had this problem.

I'd really appreciate some help. Without the internet, the games installed on it will not work and I need this computer for school.

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Re: C205 Internet/WIFI is on but won't connect to web.

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Hi Heosphoros,


Can you try updating by using ThinkVantage System Update? (my support site is not coming up right now, but I will post a link to the update software asap)




I would try uninstalling the graphics driver and reinstalling it if that update doesn't help.

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