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HDMI In on A320



I have just bought an A320 and one of the main reasons was to use it as a display for my PS3 (advertised to do so).


Having connected everything up I get a backlit black screen (different to no signal detected). 


So I tried everything I can think of; change output settings on PS3, 3 different HDMI cables, nothing worked.


I connected my sky box and an error message from Sky stating that the display is not HDCP compliant. I have also had it displaying my old laptop.


Having done some research it appears the PS3 outputs in HDCP.


My question is, is the monitor supposed to be HDCP compliant or is mine faulty?



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Re: HDMI In on A320

So its showing a Blank backlit screen on the HDMI mode? Have you tried both HDMI ports on the back? Does a PC or Laptop show up on HDMI?

Also the A320 does not need to be on, just the powercord plugged in and then switched to HDMI mode. If it doesn't work I would give support a call.
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Re: HDMI In on A320

i've the same problem lenovo a320 connected with ps3 but no signal( black screen). I connect diffrent cables and still nothing, many people have problems with this conn. Should be easy to do it but ain't. maybe you can some suggestions and step by step how to do it thanks

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