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Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

I was excited to see that Lenovo has finally released the B520 system and am ready to order one....however, I'm hesitating for a few reasons.  The technical information on the consumer website is a bit sketchy. I really wish there were links where those of us with computer savvy could read the details specifications on the system.


* I notice that it has the Geforce 555M graphics card. On the comparison page there's no distinction about which model(s) are equipped with the Geforce 555M 2G DDR5 chipset vs. the 555M 1G DDR3 chipset. The specs sheet says "Up to Nvidia Geforce 555M 2G" but below a small caption reads "NVIDIA® GeForce® GT555M 1GB/2GB (DirectX® 11)"

Which is it for which models?


* In all of the ads leading up to the launch of the system, the system boasted about it's Solid State Drive technology. I even saw a video of a demonstrator bragging about how quickly it booted. Yet on release day, this feature is absent from any listings.


* The memory says "Up to 16GB DDR3 1333MHz memory" in the spec sheet, yet no system offers this.


* The spec sheet refers to "rear, USB 3.0x2 optional", again no mention of this in the comparisons between models.


I really don't know who approved the descriptions of hardware offered in this newly released model, but it's poorly written and explained.  I'm disappointed that this information was presented in a logical way that was clearly illustrated to potention buyers.  As it stands there is enough conflicting or absent information on the site, that I am not willing to take the risk of making the purchase, only to find out that I've bought something that lacks a graphics card with DDR5 memory, doesnt have 3.0 USB, or an SSD drive.  Can anyone offer some explainations or clarification on the various models so that I can whip out my Visa?

Retired Employee
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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

Hey MedX172,

I'll get back to you as soon as I can about this.

sorry for the inconvenience caused

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Paper Tape
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Betreff: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

I was also excited about the 520. Finally an all in one with ssd, besides imac. But like MedX172 mentions, does it really have ssd options? Does it really have USB 3.0?


These questions need to be answered before I make a purchase. Also, why doesn't Lenovo allow you to really customize your computer like HP, Dell, Apple, and so on...



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates questions, Addresses A700 shortcomings?

I currently am reading/typing on an IdeaCentre A700 mounted in my bedroom on a VarTech VT9102 arm. I really love the setup for reading, watching movies, and listening to music.


Of course the slowest aspect of the A700's performance is it's disk and I/O. Running a PCI-e Revo x2 SSD on my work desktop has me very spoiled with launch responsiveness. I would put an SSD//RAID0 in the A700, but it supports only SATA 3G (and not 6G). Now that SSD Read/Writes are pushing 500MB/s, SATA2 at 3Gbps is a bottleneck! Does anyone know what chipset the B520 is using?


But having been very pleased with the way Lenovo's all-in-one form factor has worked out, I'm ready to upgrade to a B520, provided I can make it do what the A700 will not. Specifically, here's my wish list for the B520:


(2) available 2.5" internal drive bays

(2) available SATA3 (6Gbps) connections

RAID0 BIOS support for (2) SATA 6Gbps SSD drives


And I hope the B520 solves an existing HUGE disappointment on the A700:
Lenovo A700 HDMI input *fails* to satisfy HDCP handshake with any Verizon FiOS HD DVR!

Immediately following connection to the A700 HDMI input, a Vz FiOS HD DVR (Motorola QIP7232-2) shuts down its HDMI output, and displays an error message on its remaining analog ports, saying "The HD Content Protection of your display has been compromised. Please use the YPbPr outputs for your HD connection." I tested this with all available HD DVR models offered in the Tampa-FL marketplace finding they all exhibit the same symptoms. (They were all various Motorola models.) The Motorolas handshake fine with my Samsung TV, Asus and Acer monitors, and even no-name Chinese LCD's.


I lodged case # WN 270 907 with Lenovo tech support on 27-Oct-2011 regarding the HDCP handshake failure, but haven't heard bupkis (as might be expected, given I had to teach tech support the basics of HDCP.) This needs to be escalated to Lenovo and Motorola engineers to sniff out the protocol mismatch. It could well be the Motorola HDCP is at fault, but I'd like to see Lenovo take initiative to make this right.


For any who are interested, here is the mounting arm that makes my A700 hover where I want it:


Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎07-13-2011
Location: US, FL, TPA
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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates questions, Addresses A700 shortcomings?

This looks promising for SATA 6Gbps and RAID0 support!  Woman Very Happy

This is the on-board motherboard chipset, H67 chipset "

6 Gb/s ... with up to 2 SATA ports.

3 Gb/s ... supporting up to 4 SATA ports

Intel® RST provides ...RAID 0, 5, and 10, and ...RAID 1, 5, and 10.

Punch Card
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Location: Little Rock, AR

Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

I'm new to this forum but have shared your frustrations. Some of your technical questions may be answered in the latest Lenovo Personal Systems Reference (PSREF) version 403 released on July 20, 2011. The Ideacentre pdf has the B520 information. It can be found at:


What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

I couldn't figure how to post so hopefully someone from lenovo will read this. I also find the b520 spec pages confusing.


When I go to HP or Dell I can spec out a machine, on Lenovo you can't.  The 520 seems like what I would want but I want to customize it, and where are the things on the pdf like the 3.0, the 3D, the I7 the quick boot?  Did Lenovo over promise and under deliver?


I hope that the real 520 is not vaporware.

Punch Card
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Registered: ‎07-21-2011
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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

Epcot. The most accurate information about the B520 is in the PSREF pdf on the link that I previously posted. (The other website info is confusing and partially incorrect). This contains specs on the model configurations that are presently available. The SSD does not appear to be available yet. USB 3.0 is available only on certain models.
Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

[ Edited ]

LMFAO!  I have spent hours on Lenovo's website, and 20 minutes talking to to their Sales Department, and can only get the most basic answers on the different models.  So, I Google searched 'B520 Solid State', and found this thread.   MedX172's post is like deja vu ...


I have been waiting for the A720 since January's CES 2012, to use with Windows 8.  At the time, they said it would be available in April, starting at $1,295.  Lenovo's website is saying 'May', but CNET Asia is now saying June, at $2,695!?!?


So, I decided I would pick up a B520, through the Outlet, and use Windows 8 Preview on it, until the A720 drops in price, and has Windows 8 pre-installed (after October).  Lenovo's website and videos make the B520 sound great, with tons of options and features.  It has everything I want from the A720, but 10 point touch, and an articulating arm ... but how often will I use more than 2 touch points ... and without a base, I figure I can use the B520 in my lap, like a laptop?


The problem ... one year after this post, I have the exact same questions MedX172 had, and now there are more models to try and decipher!?!?! The array of B520 models makes it impossible to find which model has what, and even after calling Sales, and them directing me to the above specs link ... we could not get the answers?


The B520 seemed to get a refresh at the end of last year ...


Did Solid State never get installed?  Can I buy a SSD and install it myself?  Why would it be limited to 32GB? ( I have never heard of a system limit on Hard Drive storage)


The memory is limited to 16GB ... but I read an Owner bought the 7745-1HU, and he claims it can only be upgraded to 8GB.  Are they all upgradeable to 16GB, or only some?


There is no way I would buy a system without USB 3.0.  Do none of the 'Web only' models have USB 3.0?  ... and if that is true, then I can't get the Nvidia graphics card with 2G, or 2TB storage, if I want USB 3.0?    Can I buy a USB 3.0 model, and then upgrade the graphic card myself? (I am assuming it is easier to replace a graphics card, than a motherboard [where the USB ports are?]?)


Did they really lower the memory to 8,500 from 10,600 in the refresh ... and why?


I agree with MedX172 ... If you make 14 variations, of the exact same model number, you have to let us know exactly what we are getting ... and not just the vague "Up to's", and "Some:".  I do not mind doing the homework myself, but I need the info to solve the question.  A detailed 'Compare' ... would be the best answer  Smiley Wink

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Re: Lenovo B520 - Shop Lenovo Website - Creates more questions than it answers.

b520 none of them come with usb 3 thats then next model thats coming

dont even think you can buy the b520 now

never did see a ssd in a b520 and was tring to help someone install one only to find out it dont have enough power connection inside to add one (without self modding the power)

the gfx cards in the all-in-ones are like laptop ones you get one chance to pick cuz once its there your stuck with it (cant swap gfx cards like a desktop)

Thx dave

yoga 2, lenovo b540
3 custom gaming pc systems