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What's DOS?
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Split Screen

Just purchased a B520 for a new business.. Can anyone explain to be the purpose and benefit to using the split screen???

I think I figured out how to use it - my question is why?


Thank you,


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Re: Split Screen


Welcome to Lenovo Community


A split screen on a computer monitor is a useful way to work simultaneously in multiple program windows.
This can benefit any user who needs to refer to one document or web page while writing in another document window.
It is also helpful for users who need to copy and paste data between two documents.
A split screen reduces the time and hassle of constantly switching back and forth between windows.
Windows makes the split screen setup easy to use. Both screens remain active.
Anyone can create and use a splits screen monitor within seconds.



Hope This Helps


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Re: Split Screen

it does the same as windows snap
Thx dave

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