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What's DOS?
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Taking too long to start up



i have an ideacentre a700 but the pc is taking too long to start up, i have to press the power on button for 30 seconds or more to start the pc.


Anyone know what possible be the problem?



Token Ring
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Re: Taking too long to start up

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It should start after one short press. Unplug the power lead for few minutes, then plug it back and press power button once for 2 sek. Other thing you can do is to reset bios to factory settings, press f12 when computer starts and chose settings. If that doesn't help then your motherboard is faulty.

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Re: Taking too long to start up

When I went away a couple of weeks ago, I pulled the plug on my A700. It I had to push the button extra long on the first start only. After that everything was back to normal. Do you leave it plugged in, or is it on a power strip you shut off?

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What's DOS?
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Re: Taking too long to start up

i always leave the pc plugged in directly to the wall, i will check the bios thanks
What's DOS?
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Re: Taking too long to start up

ok the lenovo remains with the same problem, now i have to press and press the power button during 30 minutes to start up the computer and now this morning the monitor didn't work...i unplugged the pc and plugged again, in the monitor shows up a message "pc" and the "auto saving in 10 seconds" and after 15 minuts pressing the power button the pc start up but there isn't any video, the monitor remains black...


i'm live in colombia and bought this junk on so i don't have any warranty here in my country...


thanks lenovo i lost us$900 in this garbage

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Re: Taking too long to start up



Try to unplug the PC, press and hold the power button several time for several seconds.  Now attach the AC again and try to restart.


Do you have anything plugged into USB ports?  If so, try to unplug.


Very sorry to hear that you are having trouble on this system!




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