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B310 memory upgrade



I have a Ideacenter B310, and I want to upgrade the memory from 2GB to 4GB.  I tried to locate the memory module but I couldn't find it.  Does anyone know where the memory slots are, and what is the spec for the RAM?



You can easily upgrade the memory - the access is located behind a cover on the rear of the system.  Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following:




  •  Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals.
  •  Unplug all power and signal cables from the computer.
  •  Place the system on a flat, stable surface.

B310 memory cover.png



  •  Remove the rubber cap that protects the screw.
  •  Remove the screw that secures the memory cover to the computer chassis. 
  •  Lift up the memory cover


B310 memory slot.png

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Zain240 On 2014-07-18, 17:11 PM

Please can you give us a more detailed description of how to remove the memory cap as I am having a lot of trouble trying to remove it? Thanks very much. 


Boneeta On 2016-03-29, 7:30 AM

I own a Lenovo B310 - have upgraded the OS to windows 7 64 Bit - updated all the respective drivers from the Lenovo site - Upgraded the Ram to 8 GB  (4 GB each) - for a couple of months I keep getting display Lines on the screen but when I shift the desktop a little, these lines disappear. The lines appear sometimes while starting the PC sometimes or all of a sudden while working on it so I only shift it little for now as a temporary solution and the horizontal lines across the screen disappeared as if nothing is wrong.


 Is it a display connector Issue, a NEW Ram card Change issue or Driver issue I cannot figure it out hence please help with a solution?

akashsharma1161 On 2017-05-25, 17:05 PM

i own a Lenovo b310. i upgraded to windows 8.1 32 bit. but the problem i am facing now is that i cant use my bluetooth. neither its there visible in drivers list. how to solve it. thanks a lot. 

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