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B500 and B505 fix bluetooth keyboard & mouse



Bluetooth keyboard and mouse could fail to connect (either or both devices), even after following the setup instructions provided by Lenovo.  Occasionally, either or both Bluetooth device might disconnect intermittently.


The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse setup instructions can be found in the system User’s Guide or the Quick Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Setup Flyer


Affected Configurations:

B5 Series  (includes B500, B505 ).


The permanent solution for systems in the field experiencing these symptoms are as follows.


Using the links provided below, download and install the following Bluetooth software updates on your system.



Download and install the software updates following the exact order provided on the instruction set below.

  1. Download and install the Bluetooth firmware update.  Follow onscreen instructions and reboot the system.
  2. Download and install Bluetooth driver update.  Follow onscreen instructions and reboot the system.
  3. Download and install registry update.  Follow onscreen instructions and reboot the system (right-click to install as administrator).


B5 Series (B500 & B505)






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alantrinder On 2011-02-07, 7:01 AM

lord knows how many times i have tried to sort this one out. i managed to have all things working following doing the recomended download then for reasons i dont understand the mouse stopping problem has reappeard. frequency inconsistent. tried new batteries (not duracell) still no resolution.

is this the flakiest system around?

tallpinepolka On 2014-04-03, 14:19 PM

I dumped my mouse and keyboard that came with Idea Centre B500 ... using 14 year old wireless keyboard. It works. I spent hours on the phone with Lenovo support ... until it ran out. Got new mouse and keyboard, same problem. Asked for mouse and keyboard that work and was told that mouse and keyboard goes with that system! Yeah but it is not good for use intended! Oh well

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