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Bluetooth mouse and keyboard lag or delay on Ideacentre A300 / A310 and other all in one models


When I first power on my Lenovo IdeaCentre A300, it seems to take a few moments to pair with the bluetooth mouse and keyboard and when I click to type in my windows password there is a further delay.  Sometimes I have to re-type the password because the first few characters I typed were seemingly "lost".


I also notice that I sometimes need to toggle the numlock with a FN+numlock (F11) before typing my password.


I also notice the bluetooth lag after I have the system running and I'm reading something or watching a video and am not moving the mouse or pressing any keys on the keyboard.  They seem to go to sleep when not used for a couple of mins and there is a pause of a second or two when you go to use them again before they respond. 




The initial delay is considered normal during startup as the system drivers load and the bluetooth radio pairs with the mouse and keyboard.   During periods of inactivity, the mouse and keyboard may go to a power saving mode.  The system also has power saving features that you can disable through the device manager.  Ensuring that the system bluetooth radio does not go into a power saving mode can decrease the lag in getting the mouse and keyboard to respond again after periods of inactivity.  Subjectively, after making this setting change, improvements are most noticable in mouse response time after period of inactivity.


Lenovo engineering is currently exploring the device driver parameters to see if further optimizations may be possible.


Try making this system setting to improve performance and reduce mouse / keyboard lag when resuming use.


1) Start > my computer

2) Choose the system properties tab

3) Select device manager from the left side list in the window

4) Open the twisty for the Bluetooth Radios near the top of the list

5) Select the Bluetooth device first entry and right click it, and then select properties


bluetooth power management.jpg

6) From the properties menu, choose the power management tab and uncheck the box that allows the system to turn off  the bluetooth radios / manage power to this device.


bluetooth pm box.jpg


7) Select OK to save the settings


Once the above has been done, update your BlueTooth drivers via Lenovo Support Site

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