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How to change screen saver settings on A300, B300 and other IdeaCentre desktops


I have a new B300 IdeaCentre desktop and I have noticed that whenever I stop typing or moving the mouse, like while watching a video, that the screen saver will take over after about one minute. 


How can I change this to be longer, or even just disable this feature if I want?


The screen saver is controlled within Windows.


1)  Right click on a blank area of the desktop

2)  Select "Personalize" from the drop down menu




3)  A window like the one above will be displayed

4)  Select "Screen Saver" hyper link in the lower right corner and another menu window will open


screen saver.jpg


5) Change the default time from 1 min to whatever interval best fits your individual needs, or click the screen saver drop down to select a different screen saver than the Lenovo default, or even select 'none' to disable.   Be sure to click "ok" when finished.

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