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Recovery F2 no longer working after changing partitions on IdeaPad or IdeaCentre


I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre B305 and  I have created a new partition (drive D) and my recovery key F2 is not longer working.  

LVT- Drivers and aplication... says "Failed to open service partition".

Using partition wizzard I can see:

D: NFTS Logical
*LENOVO_PARTITION NTFS Primary (more than 15 GB of data in it).

If I set the lenovo partition to ACTIVE, it boots loading WINDOWS and just ends with a cmd prompt with a green background, so I need to set the C: back using an external tool.  


How can I recover my F2 recovery functionality?



If the partition sizes are altered, the One Key Recovery program may fail to properly start on boot when pressing F2 or cold booting by pressing the 'novo' button on some IdeaPad laptops.


The following proceedure using a 3rd party gparted application to resize the partitions is not a formal Lenovo solution, but comes from a 3rd party site as originally published here:




With the system powered off, pressing the OKR button is supposed to boot you to recovery mode to restore the hard drive to factory state.  However,  if anything alters the partition information of the HDD, this feature will no longer function, and will instead simply boot  into Windows.


The reason for this is that the recovery partition is special – it has a #12 partition ID, which is a company Configuration/Diagnostics Partition.   Most partitioning software packages may not properly recognize the partition ID and when you change partition information, such as by adjusting partition sizes or creating a new partition, that ID gets reset to something the partitioning software uses. This triggers the loss of the feature functionality.


To restore the ID, you need gparted on a USB key or on CD. 




  1. Boot into gparted.
  2. Identify the disk identifier for the recovery partition – eg /dev/sda4
  3. Open up the gparted console
  4. Type fdisk /dev/sda (ie. take the number off the identifier)
  5. Type m for help if you want
  6. Type p to print the partition table – check you get the same number as above
  7. Type t, then 4 for the partition number (replace with the number of your partition)
  8. If you want, type L to list codes
  9. The code you want is 12, enter 12 and then type w to write
  10.  Do not use the GUI from this point – if you do, it will remove the code 12
  11.  Exit gparted and try the OKR button. It should work.

An alternative is to set the boot flag on the recovery partition. The lenovo will then boot using the recovery partition.


Note:  OKR may fail to properly restore the computer if the C drive was any less than its original size. For example, if the C drive were reduced in size, restored code 12 on the recovery partition, and used OKR, then it would likely hang during restore.  OKR requires the C: drive to be the same as its original size 

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boywsz On 2011-09-20, 6:56 AM

I have the same problem with Y450.


I was trying to follow the instructions by Mark, but cannot proceed to step 4. When I type fdisk /dev/sda, it shows "fdisk: unable to open /dev/sda:Permission denied". Why is it so?


Thanks for your help!

dlfetters48 On 2013-02-13, 7:40 AM

Not Found The requested URL /2010/01/27/lenovo-one-key-recovery-how-to-fix-it/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. The link above appears to be no longer valid. Is there a link that is OK? Re: step 4 - You may need to be using the Administrator account. I would like to see a Lenovo solution to this problem to restore F2 recovery functionality. Maybe Lenovo could provide us with a special reset disk? I do not like the fact that Lenovo has restricted our partition size selection. Give us the tools to fix this!! dlfetters48

lenovorrr On 2013-12-23, 20:08 PM

Hello support team

I have 1 question

I have delete all data on hdd in b540p (it was formated and all hard disk partitions removed)

okr and and another didnt work

i find original  disk image  from this lenovo b540p

how i can write it on my hdd?

i need remove hdd from b540p to record this image on my hdd? Or i can make it then hdd installed?

I want install all how it was before, with lenovo programms, original win7, etc.

here is screen files from original omage, ~15 gb in one *.PBD file.



Thank you alot

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