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Tip: How to connect XBox 360 to B540 through RF socket


I am on a mission to connect an XBox 360 to my B540 which does not have any inputs such as HDMI or even AV.  My options seem to be using a video capture card or a RF Modulator/Adaptor (since the machine does have an aerial socket for the built-in TV Tuner to receive signals).


The video capture card route is a no-go because of the lag effect in actually playing games, so I have decided upon getting a RF Modulator or RF adaptor to do the job.


My question is has anyone connected an Xbox 360 or other game console to a Lenovo B540 (or similar screen with only RF input) using this method? What was the image quality like? I know the outdated RF signal gives poor image quality on older, non-digital, TVs, but I  wonder if there would be an improvement on this with the B540's HD screen.


Another image quality related question is, are general RF Modulators better for my purpose than the all-in-one RF adaptors sold specifically for converting game console video to RF?







The following tip was contributed by a forummer.


Note that the resulting video quality is only standard definition and sound is mono.



1) You can get an RF adaptor specifically made for game consoles, such as a Programmable Universal Modulator,  which is used more generally to connect video devices to older TVs that only have RF aerial sockets.

2) The composite lead from the 360 goes into the modulator box, which connects to the B540 screen with a regular coaxial aerial cable. Open the AverMedia TV Player software, and go into the Analog settings and configure the signal type to cable. Do an analog channel scan to locate the XBox picture.


3) As you can see in the screen grabs*, the fullscreen image needs slight horizontal adjustment but everything is visible and there are no cut offs. The Windows 8 desktop bar also appears across the bottom of the screen. 



You can also resize the game window to have picture-in-picture on the screen if you prefer. 









*Image content used for non-commercial purposes and is copyright of the following: Tekken 6, Namco Bandai. Batman Arkham City, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix. All Rights Reserved.


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