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Yoga Home 900: How to use the HDMI (In) function to watch TV


  • Yoga Home 900 AC adapter must be plugged in.
  • Yoga Home 900 must be turned off. (Does not work on battery.)

How To

  1. Plug in the HDMI cable in the VIDEO OUT of your TV setbox.
  2. Plug in the other end of the HDMI cable in the Yoga Home 900.
  3. The display will switch on. (The Yoga Home 900 will not operate as a computer)
An example of the Home 900 being used to to watch a television program in  Full HD.
Notice how the power cable and HDMI cable are inserted on the left of the screen. 
You can watch TV on your Home 900 for as long as you want. Once you want to stop, simply switch your TV box off or unplug the HDMI cable. Your Home 900 screen will then be switched off.

To use the Home 900 as a computing device, simply power the AIO up. 

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pat_box On 2015-10-24, 8:49 AM

That is great that with Yoga Home 900 one would not need a TV anymore, that's how it should be :-).


First, How does it work with the speakers? Do you need to have external speakers plugged to the TV set up box or is Yoga Home providing the sound based on the HDMI input? I also assume that it will work the same way with Playstation for example as with TV.


Second, I do find the cables coming from the side of the Yoga a bit unaesthetic as a TV, I assume that those are the only ports so with the mouse and keyboard plugged it would look even more cabelly?  Maybe something that could be considered in next integrations. 

KalvinKlein On 2015-10-27, 6:34 AM

Hi there, 

 internal speakers provide sound via HDMI in ..





ryantimjohn On 2017-02-20, 2:28 AM

Hi Kalvin, I was wondering, do you still own the Yoga Home 900? I recently purchased one used and love it, but the machine is missing the recovery partition and most of the software that came with it (seems they wanted a clean wipe.) Is there any way to get the recovery partition back?

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