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700 24ISH - Design Software Font and Font / Icon Size issues

Hi, I've the IdeaCentre AIO 700 24-ish and as I have seen and read all over the net, there are issues with tiny fonts, etc on some programs, apps, etc. I have seen many issues relating to that and have the problem myself. I have Gimp, Inkspace and a couple other open design programs ( no need to bash them ) on it now to test out - and the fonts and icons are so tiny I cannot see what I am doing. Same with Avira and a couple other programs and apps. Can read it if I use a magnifying glass.  I have done all the right adjustments, etc and it never changes. I know the desktop is not designed for a designer/artist, per say, but I am and have this one.

I've both read and been told it's an issue with the software and app creators/developers not being on the same page and unless and until they are, the tiny fonts and icons on some things just have to remain. The icons on Gimp for my tools of about 20, could all fit on a square the size of a sugar cube. My question is, is that, in fact, an issue with no resolve ...or not? I am about to begin a home design business and would like to perhaps get Adobe Illustrator, but to spend the money and have tiny fonts and icons would be a crapfest for me. I bought the desktop a year ago having been told it was superior for design programs from Best Buy and investigations showed nothing otherwise and just actually relocated and am using it finally....and I find myself in Micro Icon Park in the middle of Tinyfontville.

What can I do, if anything? Seems that there is no changing abilities for these and I don't want to throw even more money away with Illustrator. 

Thank you in advance for any kind help!



Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.



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