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Paper Tape
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AIO 520s - Event ID 37 error

I purchased lately an AIO 520s for my company. It seemed a pretty PC with capabilities and with the warranty of Lenovo brand.

After 1 month of simple office use some auto restarts occured periodically. I searched the windows event viewer and I found that among other errors, there were plenty of records with event ID 37 about Kernel-Processor-Power. Also the hard drive S.M.A.R.T showed that it came faulty.


The official reply of the local service center was that they changed the faulty hdd, reformated and everything were OK. after 15 days the machine arrived with new drive and ALL the warnings and errors inside event viewer were still there. After resending the machine to service center for another 15 days the official answer was that hardware diagnostics OK, windows OK. Of course all warnings and errors still there and machine not performing as expected. No official reply about the errors or the software condition. The only concern was the hardware !


After 10 days 2 restarts happend again

According to Microsoft 

"Event ID 37 is logged when the hardware platform determines that the OS can't use some frequency range that the processor supports. This Warning event notifies the user that the processor or CPU core can't support running at full speed."

According to Intel

"Event 37: The speed of processor # in group # is being limited by system firmware"


Maybe the service center was right and the warnings were microsoft's problem. Never know, they never answered anything about these errors but only hardware ok, windows ok. And why pc keeps randomly restarts ? never know


Little dissapointed with the unstability of the product I purchased and the lack of explenation and solution.

Now I am stuck with an unstable PC


 Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Paper Tape
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Re: AIO 520s - Event ID 37 error

Ha ha, 17/01/2019 and the 520s keeps randomly restarting !

But "Hardware OK, Win 10 OK" !!

Paper Tape
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Re: AIO 520s - Event ID 37 error

I also purchased a AIO 520s for my office thinking that it would be better than my old no name desktop....


Unfortunately that is not the case, brand new with only Word, Excel, Outlook being installed it runed like crap, painfully slow would be the best description.


Bought a brand new 480GB SSD to replace the HDD thinking it might help but it doesn't it runs a bit better but it is still slow compared to my old personal X220 laptop,


Constantly checking for high cpu/disk usage but that is not the case, the system behaves poorly far from what you would expect from an i5 7200U 7th Gen processor and 8GB DDR4 paired with a SSD.


On cpu load the wireless mouse/keyboard that came with the product behaves poorly mouse jump up and down, key stokes are sometimes skipped and so on.


Overall i am verry disappointed with my purchase.

Paper Tape
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Re: AIO 520s - Event ID 37 error

And the story goes on !


I am trying to send back this crap machine and convince them to replace it with another model, because the restarts are still there.

They ignored me repeatedly and then suggested to send it to service again.

I send it to service again and guess what ! They found the machine absolutely perfect !

Of course the technician cannot explain the machine situation over the phone


I regret I bought a lenovo ideacenter, waist of money

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