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C40-05 - BIOS update bricked a C. Afraid to call support...

Does anybody have some advice before I call Lenovo?


After reading a thread like this, I'm afraid to call support. I don't want them to void the warranty.

I do part time computer repair and I ordered a C40-05 for a client. I was installing all the available updates from Lenovo, and the BIOS update bricked it. Black screen. No beeps. I've tried all the unplugging, button holding, remove the CMOS, etc. None of it has improved the situation. If Lenovo voids my warranty and I have to pay for a replacement, it's really gonna put a hurting on me. I'm a single dad and I don't have $600 to blow on a problem caused by a bad update from the same company that sold me the computer. I believe that when I buy something from someone, it's because I trust they'll make sure I have a good experience with their product or service...and now that the system is bricked, I feel like I can't trust them to take care of it. I guess we'll find out pretty soon. :/

This woman thinks I did something the wrong way and broke her brand new computer, and her home phone runs through her phone has been down for 4 days. I def lost a customer, and I feel guilty for choosing a PC that broke on day 1. I've had a lot of good experience with Lenovos in the past, but I guess this phone call is gonna determine whether I stick with them or find a new supplier. Cross your fingers for me.


Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.



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