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Blue Screen Again
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C40-05 Mouse not registering clicks but isn't frozen. HELP!

So I have the Lenovo C40-05 all in one computer and it has been doing something really annoying. For some reason the mouse moves but doesn't register clicks or 'mouse overs', as in when I'm moving the mouse like down to the taskbar, Internet Explorer and other apps don't highlight when the mouse is over it and won't let me click it. The touch screen does not register touch either when this happens, but it's not frozen, as whatever page I am on still works and I can type and use the current screen functions without the mouse. Also, say when I go to click on another tab to switch tabs on google chrome, it closes out the tab even if I am extremely careful not to hit the X. The only way to get the mouse to work again is to hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE and touble click task manager. Then it works for a couple minutes, and then becomes unresponsive again. This happens about every 5 minutes, all day long. 

Does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

Token Ring
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Re: C40-05 Mouse not registering clicks but isn't frozen. HELP!

your mouse's keys might be broken

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