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Paper Tape
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C50-30 WLAN issues

I bought the above machine 6 months ago and am having continued problems with teh Realtek 8821AE Wireless LAN 802.


In  device manager it states Code 10 Device cannot start. Device does not exist. = NO Internet connectiion. The search says the driver is up to date.

To get this message onto Forum I have had to rig up an ethernet connection.



1. can this be fixed by me or does it need to go off for repair?

2. Where is the nearest service place (still under warranty) in Dartford area.






Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.


Paper Tape
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C50-30 WLAN issues

I updated my realtek wireless adapter driver about a week ago through Lenovo Solution Center app,  and straight away have had nothing but problems. The signal just dies and then tells me there is no WLAN adapter at all. Looking in Device Manager and it's just not there. I downloaded the appropriate driver from the Lenovo website and reinstalled it and after a couple of restarts it was back - all be it at not the strength it was before. Then suddenly it goes again, the adapter dissapears again and I have to reinstall the driver. I've windows 10 installed by the way.


Wondering if anyone else has experienced and corrected this.


Many thanks for replys


Mod's Edit: This posting was merged with a message thread on same issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: C50-30 WLAN issues

I also have this problem and can usually fix by bringing up signal icon, highlighting the connection, disconnect and then connect.
At other times it is impossible to fix this way and have to restart. This takes time and there is no apparent reason why it is necessary as the Wi-Fi signal remains constant.

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