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What's DOS?
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Can not reach Lenovo App Shop in Lenovo Aura Flex 20

Dear all,  I can not reach Lenovo App Shop in Lenovo Aura Flex 20.  It tells me System error 105 - network connection, but my WLAN is up and running.  Who can help and whom to contact to get that fixed?

Paper Tape
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Re: Can not reach Lenovo App Shop in Lenovo Aura Flex 20

download ccleaner and go in registery and do a scan at least 3 time and each time fix everything and save a backup before in case it break other thing Smiley Wink

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Re: Can not reach Lenovo App Shop in Lenovo Aura Flex 20

Hi Neils70,

I'm not a network specialist, so perhaps one of those will be along soon. However, I'm quite familiar with
CCleaner. Instructions can be found here:

It is not recommended that the registry cleaning component of CCleaner be used.

So called "registry cleaners" can aggravate a situation and take steps we are many times not manually aware of. It is better not to resort to such programs in cases in which you don't know what is happening with the proposed fix and the registry. Otherwise, a change to the registry can make a system unbootable by one mistake. There are no gains to be had from using a registry cleaner and the risk is great. Registry cleaners are not able to distinguish between good and bad, other than to delete keys which are not being used and are obsolete. Those keys may be needed by the operating system or by programs later on. If you lack the skills to clean manually, you should not be doing so automatically. This type of utility isn't a Windows native tool. Therefore, it makes sense that its usage is not necessary and has the potential of being harmful.

Here are some good articles and discussions:


 If Windows disk cleanup and tools such as CCleaner Slim Build (without using the registry component) do not help, try posting at one of the forums that use trained experts to review diagnostic logs. They will walk you through manual cleaning, and troubleshooting network and connection issues, or guide you through running a free cleanup program.

Here is a list of a few reputable forums that offer one-on-one cleaning::


*If you absolutely must use a registry cleaner, always backup the registry first:

Windows 8/8.1

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I am not employed by Lenovo or Microsoft. I am a volunteer.


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Re: Can not reach Lenovo App Shop in Lenovo Aura Flex 20

I have to agree with Bugbatter, leave the registry alone.


About your connection problem, are you trying to get to the App shop thru your browser or thru an App? I have to ask because I do not have a Lenovo Aura Flex 20. Are you having problems getting to any other location?

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