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Blue Screen Again
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How to resolve a Lenovo PC that will not pass the Lenovo Splash screen with no access to Windows

Here is my problem and here is the solution!!!

My B540 Ideacentre would not pass the Lenovo splash screen. The only operational keys I had was F1 (BIOS) and F12 (BIOS options). F2 went to a light blue screen so no chance of even a one key recovery. Warrenty had expired four and a half months ago. I contacted Lenovo and after the guy told me to try F2 twice he said it was a HDD or other hardware failure and would cost around £200 maybe and also would take about two weeks. 




For me I remembered Windows had auto downloaded 8.1 and was asking me to install. Also my keyboard had lost shift W T Y keys. This told me that it was not a hardware issue but a software issue and perhaps from this update. My HDD was not clicking or beeping and this PC has a 2TB Seagate Barracuda which has a good reputation. Luckly for me I also have a Seagate external expansion 2TB and a 500MB expansion which was the HDD from my old HP Touchsmart which I converted into an external hard drive by buying a HDD enclosure with cooling fan and all leads from eBay for £25 and this is where the solution is.


If you can create an expansion drive so easily and access the HDD then why cant I do it with the HDD from my Ideacentre and of course you can. So first unplug your PC or laptop. Next remove the cover and unclip the HDD (which is easy with the B540. See user instructions). Next I removed my HP HDD from the enclosure and fitted my Ideacentre HDD in its place. Next you need a laptop or another PC. Switch it on and then connect your HDD to the laptop or PC via highspeed USB cable. My laptop is running Windows 7 Ultimate and of course has all the repair tools required. When the software has loaded you may get a box that will have two options. The first will ask you if you want to repair your files and the second to scan for bad sectors and to attempt repair recovery of sectors. Tick both boxes and click start. This is a long slow process but worth the wait. Nine hours later my HDD was ready. I connected my Seagate expansion to my laptop and moved all new files that I had not backed up. So at this point you should create a folder and move all your photos music videos documents etc to it. This can take upto three hours if you have never backed up before and are moving everything. Once completed I shut everything down and replaced the HDD into my Ideacentre. Make sure do not have any external devices connected such as expansions external drives headphones etc. Connect the power and switch on. The Ideacentre booted up and there was a pause at the splash screen then it went to a black screen and then by the miracle of logical thinking I was at my lock screen. I was never so glad to see the map of my home land "Ukraine". After jumping up and down with joy I then went in and all was as normal but to be sure I went into safemode and started a complete restore. This is the option where you completely format your HDD and restore as new. It takes a long time but it is the best option because you do not want this to happen again. When this has completed and you are in Windows do not wait a moment longer by playing with your photos or creating your desktop picture. Go to create a recovery drive (use a 32GB stick) and after that also make a copy to disc. Next go to command prompt (cmd) Admin and change a setting by typing bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy. This will now enable your F8 key to boot straight into safemode just incase you need to in the future. It will slow boot time a little but better to be able to get in to Windows than not at all for the sake of a few seconds. 


Well I hope this helps someone out there and I know you may think its a lot to do but it is not. Ask a friend to borrow a laptop or PC and perhaps a HDD encloser. The rest is just time but when you see your lock screen you will not care trust me. 


Cлава Україні!!! Героям слава!!!

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