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Paper Tape
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IdeaCentre A530: CD/DVD drive not detected after Windows Update and Lenovo Driver Update

I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre A530 running Windows 10.


A few days ago windows installed an update and I had also clicked on something that popped up about updating Lenovo Drivers since then, my CD/DVD drive does not show up under My Computer, Device Manager or in the Bios. I can open the door and can hear it spinning if I put a CD or CD-ROM in.


I've been through the online solutions such as deleting lower and upper filters in the registry key, adding a new DWORD registry entry, etc. I spent a day on chat with Microsoft support and had three techs access my computer to try things, including all the things I had already tried. They say that I need to get the CD/DVD driver from Lenovo, but I don't see one when I look up driver downloads for my machine.


I also tried using windows built in Hardware troubleshooter. It says that it found a problems and needs to restart to fix them. One of the issues that it says it is fixing is "System Interface Foundation Device is not working properly." After the restart it finds the same issue and again says it needs to restart to fix it. I've been through this seemingly endless loop many times.


I ran Lenovo System update. I also opened Lenovo Companion to do a hardware scan, but it says "Please install or update the Lenovo System Interface Driver for full funtionality of Companion, then restart the app after installation." and give me a button to click to install. If I do that it takes me online to download SystemInterfaceFoundation.exe from Lenovo. I open it and go through all of the installation process and then it tells me it needs to restart the computer. After the restart, I get the same message upon opening Lenovo Companion. Again, a seemingly endless loop that I've tried many times.


I've also downloaded Lenovo System Interface Foundation for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, IdeaPad,... from Lenovo Support Drivers & Software, which downloads sif10ww512.exe. As part of the installation it says it is installing the System Interface Foundation driver, and requests a restart. After the restart, there is no change. It shows that Lenovo System Interface Foundation is installed in Programs and Features. The version is and shows that it was installed today. However, I still get the same messages from Lenovo Companion and Windows Hardware Troubleshooter.


I've also opened Lenovos Driver and Application Installation program.  Under Automatic Driver Installation, I don't see a CD/DVD driver. The options are:


WLAN RTL8188CUS Driver


Intel Chipset Driver

BT Driver

Realtek Cardreader Driver

Realtek Lan Driver

Realtek Audio Driver

Intel VGA Driver

Intel RST Driver

Intel ME Driver

lenovo Cam_Win8

Lenovo Silver Silk Keyboard Driver Win8

Bit Torrent
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Re: IdeaCentre A530: CD/DVD drive not detected after Windows Update and Lenovo Driver Update

It appears you upgraded to win 10 from a win 8 system. How long have you been running win 10?

You have 2 issues:

(1)system interface foundation/companion

(2)CD drive not recognized.


I will address SIF issue. Known issue.

(1)Do NOT use SIF10ww512.exe. If installed, uninstall SIF.  It has "issues". This is version, dig sig of November 2015.

(2)Uninstall companion. Reboot.

(3)Go to windows store.  Install current companion, .

Install the SIF download.  This will be version, dig sig Jan 2016. Reboot. Companion should work.


Mucking with driver filters is not recommended. Let's get companion up and running then address your CD issue.  Lenovo does not supply CD drivers.

The SIF issue is covered here:

SIF loops install


Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaCentre A530: CD/DVD drive not detected after Windows Update and Lenovo Driver Update

Thanks for the information on SIF.


I upgraded to Windows 10 when it was first released.


It was Microsoft that reccommended the registry changes to delete the upper filter and lower filter. It's one of the standard fixes when a Windows 10 update makes the CD/DVD drive disappear.  I'll get companion up and running and then post the results back here.

Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaCentre A530: CD/DVD drive not detected after Windows Update and Lenovo Driver Update

Lenovo Companion is now working.  The problem was that while it's set to turn on automatically, SIF wasn't starting. I had to start the service manually.  I'm sure that was the problem to begin with. I had tried uninstalling SIF and letting it reinstall, but hadn't thought to check to see if the service was starting. (Thanks for the link!) Then when I logged into my Lenovo account to look at the available drivers for my machine and saw the SIF file listed, I assumed it would be showing me the latest version instead of an outdated, non-working version. That's a little disheartening.


I ran a sytem update and everything was already up to date. I ran a hardware scan and everything came back fine.


Now for the really good news the CD/DVD drive is back. Could it have been the SIF problem that caused it to disappear? Or, could running the hardware scan have caused the machine to detect it again? What ever it was, it's back!



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