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Blue Screen Again
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IdeaCentre B340

Hello Dear Support team!

I've bought Lenovo IdaeCentre B340 in Thailand. Everything working good unless 3 devices.

1) Monitor. Display working perfectly, but touchscreen features is not working. I try to find out drivers for display, but didn't found it. Please help me with this problem.

2) Keyboard and mouse. My keyboard and mouse is wireless (come with box). But I still couldn't use it yet. Can you write step by step manual how to connect it to ideacentre b340.

3) How to use 3d function? I didn't find any software that will start 3D vision. Only 3D glasses, but not function Smiley Happy



I have install all software from disc that was in the box.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: IdeaCentre B340

1. Control Panel/tablet pc settings. Try resetting the calibration. If that does nothing try to calibrate it.

2. There should be instructions in the book. If you do not have a book go to Lenovo's site and search for the manual.

3. This is listed as optional, are you sure your model has the feature? If it does - I'm guessing here - it would only work if you were playing a dvd with 3d available.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: IdeaCentre B340

Dear exscentric!
Thank You for the answer, but unforunally it's not helpSmiley Sad
1. I have no Control Panel/tablet pc settings available. Because display driver not supporting touch screen function. That's why I asked direct link to driver.
2. There were 3 books. But I didn't find helpfull information, because I need drivers for keyboard and mouse.
3. My model supporting 3D function(I'm sure), because I have 3D glasses also with my IdeaCentre in box. And there is a sticker on the monitor "3D function". But I thought that 3D will be appear not only on DVD, but even if I will watch any video.(You know some TV have function to made 2D to 3D, I thought it's like that).
Thanks a lot!
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Re: IdeaCentre B340
drivers for everything in your all in one

if its like mine turn the pc on flip the keyboard over and make sure the power is on (battery's are in also Smiley Tongue) and press the red button (sync might be diff colour) then on the back on the b320 there is a button press that and the two should snyc do the same with the mouse

the 3d should be controled from the nvidia control panel once the drivers are installed
Thx dave

yoga 2, lenovo b540
3 custom gaming pc systems
Blue Screen Again
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Re: IdeaCentre B340

I guess i have no touch screen function. It's strange, because I have 3D function and GeForce videocard. How may I check function of my B340 by serial number? By the way, I have no TV tuner onboard.

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