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Keyboard issue

2010-07-06, 17:52 PM

My PC is IdeaCentre A300. My keyboard cannot be operated correctly just after start up. When I type my password with capital letter, the keys are not working. So I have to use another keyboard to enter my password. Sometimes, Numberlock is on itself and when I try to type "k" the number "2" comes out. Please give me some instructions to settle this problem.


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Re: Keyboard issue

2010-09-10, 18:11 PM

I just received the A310 last night and am having the same problem.  When the computer first starts up and I try to type on the BT keyboard the letters don't correspond to the keystrokes.  For instance, if I type 'k' I get '6.'  It's very frustrating.  Did you ever figure this out? 


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Re: Keyboard issue

2010-09-14, 5:22 AM

Update the BIOS/EFI and looks what happen.


If this doesn't fix that, call customer service.

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Re: Keyboard issue

2010-09-14, 9:48 AM

1. Had the same irritating problem at first start-up. Even the lag between the keypress and display whenever it prompts for passwd on Windows startup!

2. Couldn't see any 'Num-Lock' LED on the kbd or on the task-bar; but you can toggle the Num-Lock setting by simultaneously pressing the red function key and the Num-Lock key. Then check whether the passwd is being typed correctly.

3. Permanent solution is to disable the default BOOT-UP "Num-Lock-On" setting in the BIOS. Press F1 to enter the setup mode just before the system boots up into Windows and check the different menu options there.

4. Applied the latest Broadcom bluetooth firmware & driver upgrades but the lag remains...now whenever I have to 'wake-up' the idle kbd, just before typing any command / passwd etc. I just give a few quick jabs to the ALT key or Ctrl key and that makes it respond!! Try it. These are probably the few perceptible differences when working with <auto On/Off> wireless kbd & mouse.


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Re: Keyboard issue

2011-06-29, 2:39 AM

Hello All,

Engineering has released a driver fix for this issue.

Kindly head to the link below to download the lastest drivers:


For A300, B500, B505:



For A700:



Moderator edit: Fixed link.


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Re: Keyboard issue

2011-11-20, 23:33 PM

bonjour a tous voila mais j ai le lenovo a310 depuis a peut pres 6 mois  tout ce passe nikel sauf depuis un petit moment  j ai un soucie avec mon clavier quand j appuis sur la touche majuscule il ne me l indique plus a l ecran et j aimerait savoir comment je pourait faire pour resoudre ce petit derangement

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