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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem



These last couple of days I've been having a major problem with my screen displaying flickering white dots which is causing my PC to have a mind of its own, opening/closing, resizing of pages, mouse cursor flying all over the place's basically uncontrollable. It looks like the touch screen sensors 


Does anyone know what is causing this to happen and how I can fix it? it's been happening for about a week or so



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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

Hello Rosso1990


Thank you for using the leonvo forum


Out of experience with touchscreen devices this is normally a hardware issue that needs an screen replacement, You can try recalibrating your display but i would say the best thing to do in this case is contact your country support line and have the unit assessed.


Below is the link to the phone list where you can find these numbers



Hope this help you and let us know how you get on

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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I'm getting similar problems with my own touchscreen but it only seems to happen when I'm using Google Chrome. It only stops if it press the power button to shut down the system.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I can confirm I have the same problem. Had to disable the HID-Compliant Touch Screen driver to stop it annoying me.

The type of ghosting is interesting as I get the standard circular artifacts and now thing bouncing back and forth. Seems to have occured after the last Windows 10 update so seems a bit of a coincidence to be hardware.

Ive tried everything Ive found on the Internet - nothing fixes it.

However it seems a common feature across a range of manufacturers including surface Pros so I suspect its a Microsoft thing rather than hardware. 


Any help welcomed

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I've had the exact same problem with ghost touches on a Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700.  It seems to have occurred after a Windows 10 update, which I worked around by disabling the touchscreen.  However, the most recent Windows 10 update made things even worse - re-enabling the touchscreen - and I had to spend about an hour trying to click on disabling the touchscreen again.  With all the ghost touches, it was like trying to stick a pin on a donkey in a giant field while wearing an blindfold.  Surely there must be some update available from Lenovo to address the issue.  I updated the drivers fully but this does not solve the problem whatsoever.

Fanfold Paper
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A740 ghost touch

Hi there


Seems my A740 got the "ghost touch" disease. Noticed several other have had the same problem but have not seen any real solution. Any help out there or a new AIO?


regards Matias


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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I have just experienced exactly the same problems and was at a loss to what to do as I wasn't sure it was software or hardware causing them.

Calling  the retailer support line didn't solve anything either so I took the machine into one of the retailer's large stores where they have a support team of engineers.

The guy looking after me disabled the touchscreen facility and everything seems to be Ok now.  However it does mean I now have a so called "touchscreen" computer without the touchscreen.  This doesn't bother me in that I usually use a mouse anyway but it does leave me with a machine that has a fault.

Also, it is interesting that so many people are reporting problems after a Win 10 update.  This is the case with me.  If that is the cause what are Lenovo or Microsoft going to do about it?  I feel it is u to them to sort this out and give us a free repair or a means to rectify the problem.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I have the same problem on my Lenovo C50 all in one pc . I had the software checked and I think it may be a hardware problem but if someone has any ideas it would be great . Thanks 

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I had that problem happened to my desktop IdeaCentre A720. It's really annoying, frustrating.....all I have to do is JUST DISABLE THE TOUCHING SCREEN FUNCTION from Device Manager in Control panel.
Even I had Window 10 Pro.!
Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo AIO 700 ghost touch problem

I have also had to disable the touch screen as the screen characters kept jumping around and the cursor was uncontrollable. I have the AIO 700 which I don’t use that often so it wasn’t until today that I got off my behind to try and do something about it. It’s really irritating. I paid extra for a touch screen I can’t use. 😡

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