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Re: Lenovo B520 VESA Wall Mount Adapter Bracket

We actually did get further explanation.  I believe the rep was able to solve the problem by sending out a new stand for a while; however, we talked to a higher up support person when we were getting the stand replacement processed they said that their supplier for that bracket had dried up.  Therefore, they put brackets in boxes until they ran out and were trying to figure out a different supplier, but for now they were totally, totally out.  I imagine that the rep in Georgia had been successful with the "send out a new stand" approach because they were probably going through spare parts packages much more slowly than computers, and so the spare stands had probably been packaged and stocked much earlier than the computers - before they ran out of adapter brackets.  I didn't really want to deal with having them try to find and ship a stand that may not even have been packed with the adapter bracket either and potentially having my computer go out of the 21 day window.  That makes returns much harder.  In the end we just sent it back (Lenovo paid shipping).  I kind of wish I'd given the guy another day or two to hunt for a bracket because there really don't seem to be other good all-in-ones for wall mounting.  This seems to be the only one without a clunky AC adapter.

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B520 VESA Adapter Bracket

One of the main selling points of AIO computers is that they can be mounted onto a wall to create a nice clean look. I have multiple A700s in my office. They all come with VESA mounting adapter brackets. So when I decided to get more AIOs, namely the B520, I intended to also mount them onto the wall. I asked the sales rep to make sure that they are VESA mountable. The sales rep assured me that the B520s are VESA mountable; the specs also say that. So it came as a surprise to me that the B520 didn't come with the mounting brackets!!! Talked to the reps to no avail. Searched online to find NONE, stumbled onto here to find many others in the same boat as I. Needless to say I am disappointed with Lenovo. The bracket is nothing more than a piece of metal! How expensive is that? If you want to cut expenses, then have it available for separate ordering. I will be seeking to return my computers if this doesn't get resolved soon.


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Re: B520 VESA Adapter Bracket

Hi -  to everyone who has been struggling to purchase a wall mounting bracket for the Lenovo B520 Ideacentre. 


megahertzcomputer (based in the USA) on EBAY sells this item.  Its cheap, fits perfectly and my item arrived in the UK in just over a week.  All installed and it works a treat!


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Re: Lenovo B520 VESA Wall Mount Adapter Bracket


The wall mount is a seperate item that is not a computer, a company that sells computers is not going to be able to help you, they can only tell you which of their computers are wall-mount-able via VESA wall mounts, or any other standardization.


Here is a fine vesa wall mount:


But feel free to shop around for a "VESA wall mount" of your own choosing.

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Re: Lenovo B520 VESA Wall Mount Adapter Bracket

Thanks DonbailieoneI was able to get the mount from megahertzcompute on Ebay for about $20. Work great!


@    Vereen, You are correct that PC vendors do not typical provide the stands. I think everyone here realizes that. The issue here was that Lenovo  confirmed over the phone, online and in their own documentation that it was included for some models like mine.  In my case I even ask the sale rep to write on my invoice to please include the stand and as that was very important to me. That was one of the main reasons some of decided to make the purchased  Also the mount bracket is not the standard you can just pick up  where. Lenovo f*ucked up on this one.  Even three different levels of Lenovo managers called me admitted it and apologize for their screw up. 

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Re: Lenovo B520 VESA Wall Mount Adapter Bracket

Just for posterity, Megahertz Computer on eBay is actually based in Haverhill, MA. If you are seeking to contact them directly, you can do so by visiting their website:


Turns out they are just up the road from me. So glad I did a web search and landed here!

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