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Paper Tape
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Lenovo C200 All in One Wireless card issues

I have a brand new Lenovo C200 Atom DC 2 All In One PC (Desktop). I seem to have a problem with the wireless adaptor which is a Atheros AR9285. When I first power up the PC it connects to my router and gets internet speeds of around 5MB per sec, after a few minutes it spows down to around 120kb per sec! I called Lenovo support and after holding for 50 mins to get through I was told that I needed to contact my internet service provider who would be able to change the channel on the PC and improve things!


I have seven other PC's connected to my router and none of them have any problem. Also I cant transfer files from my central storage drive with the Lenovo because the connection times out because it is so slow. I am convinced it is a problem with the wireless card, there is nothing else that could possibly cause this that I can see. Also this is the 2nd Lenovo with the same fault, I sent the original one back and this is a replacement.


Technical support are supposed to be calling me back tomorrow but I dont hold out much hope with them after they told me to speak to my internet service provider.


Has anyone got any ideas what I could do to cure the issue?


Any help appreciated.

Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-28-2011
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Re: Lenovo C200 All in One Wireless card issues

OK after many hours of searching I found the problem, the issue isn't exactly with the Lenovo although you would expect them to supply a wireless card that is compatible with Windows 7!


The issue is with the Atheros AR9285 wireless card, if you Google the Atheros card you will find numerous posts where people have had issues with this, there isn't any one straightforward fix, it seems dependent on what router you are using and how you have things set up.


I played around with my router settings and the settings on the Lenovo and finally found a configuration that worked for me, the Lenovo dosent like some channels on the router but does others, if anyone else gets this I would recommend changing the router setting from auto channel select to one channel between 1 and 11 to find one that works best. That seemed to fix



Thanks a bunch Lenovo support, call my internet service provider, yeh right! Also when you keep people waiting on hold for 50 mins before answering a simple "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting" would be nice not an argument with your CS rep saying "You haven't been on hold for that long".


Anyone with the most basic knowledge should know that if files can not be transferred from a central drive by the wireless card its nothing to do with the internet service provider!

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