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Lenovo C340 All-in-One graphic card driver update (Windows 10)

Hello! In 2013 I bought Lenovo C340 All-in-One with Windows 8 activated, CPU Intel Celeron. Because Win 8 was very buggy I upgraded to Win 8.1 in January 2014. After the upgrade everything was fine only the CPU usage started to be very high during browsing images-heavy sites and sites with Flash Player/animations/streaming videos and during downloading. I tried to update graphic card driver but the system said I have the latest one I need. Probably it was customized from Lenovo for this specific machine and Win 8? This June I upgraded to Win 10 hoping the high CPU usage will be resolved. But no, it is even worse because now few times PC blocked from the high CPU and should be restarted. I changed anti-vir from AVG Free to Avira Free but this was very small help. I had this question posted in Microsoft Answers, Adobe Help Forums, Ten Forums etc. I was advised to ask my manufacturer too as being unable to update the driver might be because manufacturer's changes. I suppose updating graphic driver would resolve the high CPU usage as CPU usage was alright in the original Win 8. I'm desperated as I'm online almost 24/7. I don't play online games but use some online art/drawing tools with Flash Player and also I browse many images and having my CPU frying is terrible. Thank you in advance!


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