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Paper Tape
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Lenovo IdeaCenter A730 takes hours to boot

i bought my pc and after when shipped i noticed that when i switch to hdmi the computer works well and when i switch to PC the hard drive indicator light just keeps on blinking and the LED light goes off and its just blank .. However i still cannot even acess the BIOS i tried pressing F2 and and F1 still to no avail... Few days ago after 3 weeks the computer  (booted up) came on and asked i fill in my name and so forth... Then it restarted it took another 3 hours, aftermath it said i update after updating it restarted it took another 3 hours.. after restarting the computer windows said it cannot install update and went back to previous update. it restarted it took another 3 hours... Why would an i7 processor take too long i wonder i want to reinstall the bios but i cant even find it to download, i also feel that the hard drive is bad bcuz of the amount of time it takes to load but am not sure since i cant acess the BIOS.. I tried oneclick recovery and the computer restared and even after hours the computer still even wont boot the worst part its when it manages to boot it works fine i mean the windows ?? What exactly could be the issue.. Thank you The customer care guys are handicapped since the computer was sent to were i school in Malaysia and the customer care in Malaysia said they can fix the pc since the pc wasnt bought here that i send back to the US which would cost me almost 600 dollar... i still have a warranty till 2015...


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo IdeaCenter A730 takes hours to boot

Same bloody thing.  Customer brings it in, says it's dead.  I try it, nothing happens, so I go back to doing other things, and 40-50 minutes later the thing boots to Windows 8.  I do some work in the O/S and go to reboot it, NOTHING again!  i7???  Soft buttons don't do anything, HDMI output doesn't show anything.  It's a mystery here.  And of course, it's 6 weeks out of warranty.

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