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Paper Tape
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Re: Upgrading the AWAY AI


sorry for the late reply. Was in Asia for business. OKR means : One Key Recovery , that's the Lenovo recovery function.

After having shrunk the original disk (I will not be enough in the first instance), you do a OKR and then shrink it again. That's how I did it. With the OKR the system and the partitions get rebuilt (I think I got an error message that (obviously) the partition sizes had changed, but OKR went through anyway. With this step, it rewrote all the files and moved the file fragments which prevent you from shrinking the drive further (since they are in the middle of nowhere) to a new location. After this you can easily shrink the partitions to fit on the 250 SSD. Worked for me and the A730 now runs like a charm.

:-) Hope this helps

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Upgrading the A730 AIO

I have upgraded my system to 16GB of (HyperX Kingston DDR3L - 1866 CL 10 204) and my system constantly reboots when rendering video or running diagnostic on the system.


I have tested each ram stick with the one of old 8GB stick with no issue and don't think its a issue with the memory or system. It just can't handle the 16GB when it's installed.


I am also currently running windows 8.1 64bit with everything up to date and all update from the Lenovo A730 website


Any help with this issue would be great



What's DOS?
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Re: Upgrading the A730 AIO

I bought my A730 some months ago and sincerey, I was completely disappointed with its speed. Last week, I bought a Kingston SSD Hard Drive (SSDNow V300 SATA6) and I changed it.


Changing hard drive is really easy following the instructions showed in the forum. The result is incredible. Now, I am very impressed with my computer. I can only recommend to all A730 owners to do the same!!!

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