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Paper Tape
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Which stylus/pens are compatible with Horizon 2?

I recently ordered a Horizon 2, and should have it by next week. I am an artist, and would love to be able to paint (with Photoshop and other software) right on the touch screen with a stylus. 


What types of stylus does the Horizon 2 support? Because it has a multi-touch screen, I am assuming that it is capacitive, and therefore any cheap capacitive stylus should work, correct? 


But maybe I'm wrong... is it Wacom enabled with a digitizer, or some kind of hybrid, so that a digitizer-enabled stylus with pressure sensitivity and other features (eraser on the opposite end, extra button functionality, etc..) would work? 


If the Horizon 2 is not Wacom digitizer enabled, would a Bluetooth enabled stylus (again, for pressure sensitivity and other features) work? I'm assuming some sort of drivers or other additional software would have to be installed to get a Bluetooth stylus to function, but is this at least an option? What would I need to do to get these advanced stylus features to work on the Horizon 2? 


Thank you very much in advance for your help!



What's DOS?
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Re: Which stylus/pens are compatible with Horizon 2?

Apologies for digging up an old post, but just wondering how you got on and what you went for, and why?



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