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Re: Yoga HOME 900

I just have to say how dissapointing it was to see the Microsoft Surface Studio unveil when Lenovo had the Yoga Home 900 and all they had to do was add a 4K display, digitizer with stylus, a stand and they would have had a product even better than the Surface Studio because the Yoga Home actually has a battery for mobility.


But no. They let the Yoga Home languish getting obsolete and allowed the Surface Studio to be released and appear to be an AIO revolution.


Still it is not too late. The Surface Studio lacks hard drive options, USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, support for multiple external displays, etc., so perhaps Lenovo will finally listen to some of their customers who have been asking for the Yoga Home to be upgraded with high end specs for professional use.


Lenovo, please update the Yoga Home 900 with the following specs and you will have a much better product than the Surface Studio:


  • 4K or prefrebly 4.5K display with a 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • User servicable hard drive bays that support multiple hard drive: 2.5" SSD or M.2 drives.
  • Active digitizer with stylus.
  • User replaceable battery.
  • USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • NVidia 10-series graphics and 7th Gen i7 processor
  • 32/64GB RAM
  • Durable stand that allows the display to be flat on a table and angled towards the user for stylus use.


Make it so Lenovo. Do you not want to sell the ultiumate premium AIO for professional use that has the added benefit of a battery for mobility and make some money? There is a huge market of professional and power users who would buy such a device and it will be more capable than anythinng made by Apple, Microsoft, or anyone else.


If PC manufacturers whine that no one is buying PCs it is because they lack the imagination to build desirable PCs with high end uncomprimisng specs that are actually worth buying. Microsoft has shown the way with the Surface Studio and Lenono can do even better with better specs and user serviceable hard drive access.


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Re: Yoga HOME 900

I can not agree with you more on this.  I hope we can more powerful new 900 in future. 

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