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Yoga Home 900 BIOS function :
Important: You need a USB hardwired keyboard to get access as the following content will not work with the delivered usb wireless keyboard/mice set. 
Do the following as and when there is an emergency. You do not need to access your BIOS on a daily occurrence.
Plug in the USB Keyboard to the Home 900 and press F1 and touch the Power On switch on the right side of the unit.
0 F1.jpg

After releasing  the On button, the Lenovo welcome screen is changed - you will see the splash screen with a bigger font size. Wait a few seconds and you will have access to a full featured BIOS.
1 F1 BIOS 1.jpg
Main Page Summary
2 F1 BIOS 2.jpg
Here, you can manage the Security settings.
3 F1 BIOS 3.jpg

This is where you can access Boot Mode.


4 F1 BIOS 4.jpg
 Go to Primary Boot sequence if you want to change the boot order of your Home 900.
5 F1 BIOS 5.jpg
Don't forget to save changes. You can go to Exit if you want to boot next time via the USB device or
if unsure, leave everything unchanged by clicking on Discard Changes and then clicking on Exit.

Note that If optimized OS default is set to enabled, your computer will start without locating external devices on Windows. 


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