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Blue Screen Again
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idea centre 310S frequent drop of wireless connection and then unable to find any wireless networks

Dear all, happy New Year! I have a major problem: My new IdeaCentre 310S - 08IAP desktop frequently drops wireless connection and  then is unable to find any wireless network at all. A restart will sometimes help out - but activiating and deactivating Wifi does not help. So a restart is required. Sometimes it works well - it is turned off - and then restrarts not finding any network. In those instance where wireless networks are detected there is plenty of them - once it loses WiFI connection - none can be detected. I have already spent two days on this problem - looking up posts - and I have done all of the below mentioned trouble shooters:


While my problem is a combination mentioned scenarios - drop of wifi network - then no detection of any network - then restart - sees many networks at times - or none at all.- is connected and then all of a sudden after 10 or even 20 or 30 minutes loses network connection .. I am very desperate - ready to return this newly bought desktop - after spending 2 full days - can anyone help?


Done already:

> updates with LAN in a separate room (as PC is placed with wireless access only - no chance to lay a LAN cable anywhere close

> installation of Lenovo System updates

Done all that was written in this post about "frequently drop or intermittent wireless connection Window 7, 8 and 10" _ Symptom: This article only applies to devices that can detect a wireless signal and have successfully connected to a network but is having unstable and frequent drop signals. Since this issue could be caused by several possibilities please follow all the methods documented in the solution section to see which resolves your issue.

If you are unable to detect or connect to a wireless network and have no prior internet connection please follow: Troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues

Method 1: Reset TCP/IP Stack and auto tuning - done as described Method 2: Wi-Fi power option - done as described Method 3: Reinstall the adapter - done as described Method 4: Revert network adapter drivers. ( Windows 8 / 10) -not done as no major update has been done . this is a brandnew PC - and it did not work right form the beginning, did not work permanently after instlaling all the windows updates. And I see three updates for wifi driver . and I have no clue which to revert to . as it never worked - neither before or after.... Method 5: Remove Lenovo Access Connection software ( ThinkCenter & ThinkPads) - not applicable - this software is not installed  - checked Method 6: Disable RDC - done as described Method 7: Disabling 802.11n Mode - not applicable - checked - not an n-wireless adapter

I have also looked at other things to consider - but if the wireless connection is impeccable when connected - and then again not detectable - this is not a problem of the router - as I can see the wireless network from furhter with my iphone and it works.


Anyone else who shares this problem and anyone who found a reliable fix? Thanks!

What's DOS?
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Re: idea centre 310S frequent drop of wireless connection and then unable to find any wireless netwo

I have the 310s - slightly different model - but there is an issue that windows has acknowledged.  It was so slow I pulled it from our office and bought two other machines.  This is the fix - also you should download "system update" from lenovo to get all their latest drivers as their is a new driver.

Workaround #1 (Recommended by Microsoft):

Disable "Receive segment coalescing" (Rsc) on your wireless adapter

Tripp Parks [MSFT], provided an excellent workaround, that is recommended by Microsoft, and appears to resolve the issues. Thanks Tripp! And Tyler [MSFT] has provided a tool that automates it. Thanks Tyler!

Steps to disable Rsc using Microsoft's automated tool:

1) Download the ".diagcab" file located here:

2) Run it, and let it see if it can determine the problem and fix it.

3) Re-test your wireless internet connection.


Here is the link:

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